‘Married at First Sight’ Season 3, Episode 7 Recap: “That Wasn’t a Kiss”

David kisses Ashley's cheek on Married at First Sight.David kisses Ashley's cheek on Married at First Sight. Credit: FYI

While it’s admirable to go over and beyond to make a marriage work, we fear that hope will soon turn into heartache for some of the Married at First Sight newlyweds.

On the January 12 episode, entitled “Intimacy, Part 1,” the couples sit down with the Married at First Sight sexologist, although sex couldn’t be further from two of the brides’ minds. Let’s take a peek at the highlights (and lowlights) from the show as we continue the roller coaster ride FYI calls an “extreme social experiment…”

David Norton & Ashley Doherty: Following the argument this couple had on last week’s episode, David is making his wife dinner, despite his apparent discomfort in the kitchen. His humorous side shines through when he uses his glass of beer as a measuring tool, but his mood continues to go downhill when Ashley is nearly two hours late getting home from her nursing school final exams.

Although he’s an eternal optimist, David may be having some doubts. “My expectation about marriage was you had a partner in your fight no matter what kinda fight,” he tells viewers. “Someone was always there next to you, you could count on, and I don’t think Ashley and I are there yet.”

After his bride finally arrives home, David reheats dinner, and Ashley is seemingly impressed with his efforts. But viewers may have gotten a bad taste in their mouths when Ashley throws a curve ball. “I definitely have made a lot of sacrifices to make this marriage work,” she says. “I have decided to take a break from working to focus on this marriage and school.” She claims that she “really wants this,” so she’s “willing to make those sacrifices to make it work.” She admits to knowing they were “matched for a reason,” and she says she’s “not giving up, even though the connection’s still not there.”

Sexologist Dr. Logan visits the couple, and she’s concerned David is losing his positive spirit. She shares with viewers that when she initially told David that the experts had found a wife for him, she had “never seen someone so happy.” “It’s been a roller coaster,” David tells her, and he admits to the process being more challenging than he expected. Ashley tells the doctor that she doesn’t feel a “romantic connection with him” and she’s feeling “stuck,” which the sexologist acknowledges could be a big problem.

Dr. Logan gives the couple homework… a fish bowl filled with conversation starters to build closeness. But when David suggests they dive into the questions later at dinner, Ashley is not open to answering any of them. David makes lighthearted jokes, but his wife seems completely checked out. “Anything that remotely revolves around intimacy Ashley shuts out,” he tells viewers, and there’s no doubt he’s being shut down.

In a moment of clarity, David realizes that what he wanted prior to the Married at First Sight experiment is not what he’s looking for now. He claims that Ashley has many of the qualities he wants in a wife, and admits that he’s falling in love with her. “There’s times where I don’t think I like her,” he acknowledges, “but there’s times I know I’m falling in love with her.” But when they go on what Ashley considers a “romantic date,” a ride on the ferris wheel, David attempts to kiss his wife, and she turns so he kisses her cheek. “That wasn’t a kiss,” he jokes with his wife, but it’s obvious he’s disappointed. “Why won’t my wife kiss me?” he asks. “I’m very intuitive. I know there’s more to it. It’s not just because she moves slow.”

Just when they appear to be taking one step forward, David and Ashley take two steps back. We’re hoping that things turn around for this couple, but we fear heartbreak is just down the road.

Tres Russell & Vanessa Nelson: The couple meets on a Saturday for a meal during Tres’ lunch break. The chemistry is palpable between them, and he tells Vanessa that things are going “more smoothly” than he had expected. But during their conversation, Tres receives a work call. Vanessa appears to be frustrated at first, but she later admits that she understands it’s part of his job. “I feel like I’m always working,” Tres tells viewers. “That’s why my cell phone is always in my hand, so I hope she’s okay with that.” He acknowledges that the “work/life balance is definitely gonna be tough,” and Vanessa admits that “it would be nice if we could make our schedules work so we actually see each other.”

When Dr. Logan visits the couple, Vanessa tells her they consummated their marriage. The doctor believes their communication could be better, and she asks the new bride about her fears. “My biggest fears are that I’m gong to become really, really open,” she says, “and I’m gonna connect with him, and it’s gonna lead to nothing.” Tres admits that he has a difficult time reading his wife, and Dr. Logan acknowledges that they are both “quick to make assumptions.”

The couple has a dinner party, and Tres brings home flowers and wine. “This is what married people do,” he tells viewers, and the party is a success. “I just wanna get to know her more,” he says about his wife. “I wanna know what all her likes are, her dislikes, what makes her happy.” He’s clearly smitten with Vanessa, stating, “Gosh, this girl is absolutely amazing… I could really see this working.” He goes onto say, “I think that I’m falling in love with Vanessa, and it feels so good to say that.” This Married at First Sight couple seems to be moving in the right direction, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Neil Bowlus & Sam Role: Things appear to be moving forward for this couple, and Neil is loving every moment. He surprises Sam with an at-home date night, and she’s visibly impressed by the gesture. “At first I was not attracted to Neil,” Sam admits, “but eventually attraction grows for me, and that’s how I’ve always been.” She may have had a change of heart, saying, “I accept him just for who he is.” Neil tells viewers that this is how he envisioned marriage.

When the sexologist visits, Neil tells the expert that he’s looking for a best friend in his wife, and that he wants a 50/50 partnership. The doctor calls him out for not telling Sam what his needs are, which Neil does not deny.

The couple has a heart-to-heart conversation later, and Sam is proud of her husband for opening up. “My perception of everything has changed,” she admits, “because we found that common bond.” She tells viewers that she may be ready to move beyond friendship, stating, “Maybe we’ll start holding hands soon… I don’t know… let’s not get too crazy.”

After making a “snap decision” to move into their current home, Sam and Neil have decided to move into Sam’s place together. Neil is not thrilled, but he’s willing to give it a try. Sam is optimistic when she says, “We are starting to finally get into the vibe of being a married couple. It just sucks that it took so long.”

Sneak Peek: In a preview for the January 19 Married at First Sight episode, we learn that all three couples are repeating old patterns and having difficulty getting along.

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