‘Married at First Sight’ Season 4 Decision Day: The Couples Decide Whether to Continue Their Marriages on the Finale

MAFS season 4 finale couplesMarried at First Sight couple Tom and Lillian and Sonia and Nick. (Photos courtesy of FYI)

Decision day has arrived. Six weeks after marrying complete strangers, the season 4 participants of FYI’s Married at First Sight decided whether to proceed with their marriages on the October 25 finale. Here, The Knot recaps the emotional moments from the episode and reveals what happened to the two remaining couples.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: The contentious pair continues to work out communication issues in their marriage, beginning with Nick’s frustration with Sonia for refusing to move back into their home. “I feel like there’s such a short period of time remaining,” he says. “She should maybe be giving it [a] more forward effort.”

Sonia, meanwhile, fears that she’ll get hurt again after moving back in. Married at First Sight relationship expert, Rachel DeAlto, then tells the social worker that her marriage will be “doomed” if she doesn’t move back in and open herself up to a new possibility.

The experts then give Nick and Sonia a homework assignment: to create a vision board. While working together on the project, the duo learn they have many shared aspirations. They both want children — Nick would love twins, and Sonia would like to adopt — and they want to travel. They’d also like to have a second wedding.

Leading up to decision day, both Nick and Sonia meet with their friends. Nick tells his friends he’s not sure if there is an emotional connection with Sonia, but his attraction is growing as they continue to build upon their friendship.

Sonia tells her pals that sometimes she “can’t stand [Nick’s] face,” but other times she finds him to be cute. She still can’t tell, though, if she’s developed sustainable feelings for her husband. “Just kick him to the curb,” one friend advises.

After the meeting, Sonia decides it’s time to move back in with Nick, and her husband is visibly excited when she announces her decision to him. As they settle back into cohabitation, Nick surprises his wife with a book of photos that document their time together. The purpose of the book is to remind her of the good moments.

Later, the couple makes dinner at home and they give each other more gifts. Nick offers Sonia a thoughtful card with a necklace, while Sonia gifts Nick with an array of comical presents, including a poop emoji shirt and printed cactus underwear.

When decision day arrives, Nick and Sonia are undoubtedly nervous. The couple sits down with Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Rachel DeAlto, who are clearly anxious as well.

Nick explains that he’s learned to be empathetic since starting the experiment. He’s also learned to process his feelings before making statements that may hurt his wife’s  feelings, while Sonia credits Nick for teaching her to be a better communicator. The experiment has allowed Sonia to tap into her inner strength, which she previously didn’t realize existed.

“I think we’ve come a long way,” Nick tells Sonia. “We’re in a good place moving forward in the right direction… I want to continue our marriage, and I do want to stay married to you.”

Sonia acknowledges the ups and downs they’ve faced together. “There’s just a lot of things that led me not to trust you,” she says as she hesitates. “…I’d like to stay married to you.”

Nick looks genuinely happy after hearing his wife’s decision. They share a champagne toast with the experts before making their way home. In the confessional, Nick tells viewers it feels like a “dream come true.” The couple is excited to start a new life and find a new home together.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: When the two create their vision board, Lillian focuses on having a family and making money, but Tom draws a bus and looks forward to traveling and living a carefree life. Lillian worries that her husband, Tom, will grow tired of her and choose to move back to his bus.

The night before decision day, Tom and Lillian exchange presents by a picturesque bonfire. Tom offers his wife a clock to remind her of the time they’ve spent together, while Lillian gives Tom a heart featuring their initials, which signifies she’s letting down her guard and giving her heart to him. Tom is conflicted by the gift, later admitting that he’s only 85-90% sure of his decision about their marriage.

When the couple meets with Married at First Sight experts, Rachel DeAlto and Pastor Calvin Roberson, to make their decision, Lillian is tearful and wants to focus on the positive aspects of their marriage. Tom’s biggest concern is not being happy and not being able to make his wife happy. “I’ve always put happiness on a pedestal,” he explains.

Lillian tells her husband she’d like to continue their marriage, and Tom also chooses to stay married to Lillian. “I’m so stoked and I couldn’t be happier,” Tom says after sharing a toast with his wife and the experts. He decides to put his bus in storage so they can move forward together.

One Week Later: The two married couples meet for a meal a week after making their decisions. Nick realizes that Tom and Lillian are more connected than he is with Sonia, and Lillian notices the distance between Nick and Sonia. Tom admits that he was still undecided two hours before meeting with the experts to make his decision.

They all hit it off immediately, and the couples are excited to get to know each other. In the confessional, Sonia says she feels lucky and has found the “man of [her] dreams.”

Sneak Peek: Next week, the couples meet with the Married at First Sight experts after settling into married life off-camera. Emotions run high, and Nick isn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Don’t miss the reunion episode, airing Tuesday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET on FYI.

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