Married at First Sight’s Season 4 Reunion: Where Are the Couples Now?

MAFS season 4Meet the Season 4 contestants of Married at First Sight.

The experiment was just the beginning! The season 4 participants of Married at First Sight revealed exactly where their relationships stood on the reunion special airing Tuesday, November 1 — approximately six months after the couples opted to remain together on decision dayThe Knot recaps the highly-anticipated reunion — entitled “After the Decision” — which was filled with laughter, tears and champagne toasts.

Tom Wilson & Lillian Vilchez: Tom is first to meet with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Rachel DeAlto, and Pastor Calvin Roberson. Dr. Pepper recalls that Tom was “ambivalent” on decision day, and asks how his relationship with Lillian has been since the finale.

“I’d say it’s a lot different,” Tom admits to the expert. “Marriage is not easy in any sense… Being locked down is definitely not what I was expecting.”

When it’s Lillian’s turn to meet with the experts, she notes that the process has been difficult. But when she’s asked if she and Tom are still together, Lillian can’t hide her happiness. “Yes, we are,” she reveals. “We got a new place, and we’re doing great. I’m very happy with where we are today.”

Tom then returns, and the couple’s love for each other is evident. When Rachel DeAlto enquires about their sex life, Lillian is first to respond. “We have a very healthy sex life… Very enjoyable,” she reveals as everyone chuckles.

Tom explains that he’s become increasingly open-minded, and he’s proud of Lillian for downsizing her wardrobe. When they were packing her belongings to move into their new home, Lillian chose to donate several bags of her clothes and 15-16 pairs of shoes.

After meeting with the Married at First Sight experts, Tom and Lillian go to a dance studio for a private salsa lesson. Tom is admittedly intimidated by his wife’s dancing skills, but he learns quickly. “Being in love is something that is such a powerful force,” he explains in the confessional. “I think when you feel that force, you know you’re in love, and that is what I feel with Lillian.”

This season 4 couple is clearly smitten with one another. “Lilly is the one,” Tom gushes. “The one that can make me happy… the one that can keep me going, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Later, Tom and Lillian go for a walk on the beach. Tom drops to one knee and opens a shell containing a beautiful engagement ring. He explains that the ring signifies his promise to try to “be the best husband” he can be. “This is a show of [my] commitment and trying my hardest,” he tells Lillian.

Lillian is speechless, and Tom shares that he’s happy and relieved. “I’m stoked,” he says in the confessional. “I’m high on life right now. This is great.”

Derek Schwartz & Heather Seidel: Despite their split early in the Married at First Sight process, Derek and Heather meet with the experts separately to reflect on the experience.

Derek acknowledges that he has “no regrets,” and that he tried everything possible to save his marriage. He’s in no rush to find a wife, but the process has taught him what he wants from a relationship in the future. He’s agreeable to meeting with Heather, but viewers soon learn that Heather has no desire to meet with him.

Heather reveals that she is not dating. “I didn’t expect to have the hurt and sadness,” she explains. She’s learned to “let people in, even when it’s really hard.” She wants to look at her relationships in a “different light” and be the best version of herself. “I truly do want to find a good man to share my life with,” she admits while holding back tears.

Nick Pendergrast & Sonia Granados: As she’s chatting with the experts, Sonia appears to be nervous. She explains that she and Nick continue to have “ups and downs,” and notes that Nick’s lack of emotion continues to be an issue.

When Nick meets with the experts, Dr. Pepper asks why he’s not wearing his wedding ring. Nick explains that he takes off his ring when he golfs, and he had forgotten to put it back on.

“Some days it’s amazing, and some days I wonder what the heck I did,” Nick admits, referring to his life with Sonia. Although he notes that it’s “hit or miss,” he soon reveals that the couple is still together and they just moved into a new home.

Sonia returns and sits by her husband’s side. As the couple holds hands, Sonia shares that she sees a future with Nick.

Married at First Sight will be back for a fifth season! This time, the relationship experts will be matching singles from Chicago. Production is already underway, and season 5 is set to air in 2017. David Norton and Vanessa Nelson will also return for Married at First Sight: Second Chances, already filming in their hometown of Atlanta.

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