‘Married at First Sight: The First Year’ Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: Cortney Ditches Her Wedding Ring

Married at First Sight's Jason Carrion and Cortney HendrixOn Tuesday's episode of Married at First Sight: The First Year, Cortney Hendrix disposes of her wedding ring from husband Jason Carrion. Credit: FYI

The Married at First Sight: The First Year couples may have expert advice at their fingertips, but their first year of marriage is proving unpredictable. The April 12 episode, entitled “Fighting Fire with Fire,” showed not only the newlyweds’ insecurities; it highlighted their resilience. Let’s take a look at the most memorable moments from the eye-opening Married at First Sight: The First Year episode.

Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix: Following this couple’s heated argument on the April 5 episode, Jason meets with Neph. He needs to vent, and Neph is willing to listen and offer advice. Neph is surprised when Jason tells him that his fight with Cortney was about their finances. Neph explains that he thinks “having your own financial privacy is okay.” He encourages his friend to communicate with his wife.

Cortney goes kickboxing with her best friend, Chantel. Although she gets in a good workout, she’s still angry with Jason. She tells Chantel that she threw her wedding ring down the sink drain out of anger.

When she gets home, she turns on the TV and sees that there’s a fire. The reporter explains that the fire is in Brooklyn and there are 150 firefighters on the scene. As a probationary fireman, Jason is not permitted to carry his phone at work, so Cortney is unable to get ahold of him. After hearing that a firefighter was taken to the hospital, she’s hoping that she’ll get the chance to patch things up with Jason.

Jason calls later and assures Cortney that he’s okay. He was, indeed, at the fire in Brooklyn, and Cortney is relieved he’s not hurt. She takes the opportunity to tell Jason that she disposed of her wedding ring. She explains to Married at First Sight: The First Year viewers that she had made her point, but her point was “selfish and not worth it.” She asks her husband to meet her after he gets off work.

Later that day, the newlyweds meet, and Cortney is ready to talk. She explains to Jason that she was worried sick about him being at the fire. “I let my anger and my temper get the absolute best of me,” she admits. But Jason believes she “hits below the belt sometimes,” and hurts his feelings. He explains to Cortney that some of the things she does and says make him feel unappreciated – “things like throwing your ring down the drain,” he tells her. Although he admits to not wanting to talk to her earlier in the day, they kiss and make up and make a pact not to leave each other angry ever again.

When a plumber comes to Jason and Cortney’s apartment to retrieve Cortney’s wedding ring, they’re both upset when they learn her ring is nowhere to be found. The plumber explains that it’s most-likely in the sewer. After he leaves, Cortney apologizes to Jason. He appreciates her apology and tells Cortney he loves her.

Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis: Although Jamie was unsure about going back to her therapist, she decided to give it another shot. When she arrives for her second appointment, she explains that she’s upset with Doug. He had told her that they could pick out a dog, but he hasn’t followed through. The therapist explains that people tend to point out “big mistakes” in others. “We use it as more evidence that this guy’s not the right guy,” he explains. He encourages Jamie to keep the lines of communication open with Doug. She’s “looking for a sign that they have a future together.”

Doug takes Jamie to meet their foster dog, and she’s thrilled to add to their family. They return home and introduce their new dog, Foxy, to their other dog, Lady. Doug is thrilled that his wife is so obviously happy.

Later, Doug visits his mother; she’s excited that her son and Jamie have a new dog. Doug explains that both of them are “actively working on things.” His mom encourages him to go to therapy with Jamie.

Jamie is ready to begin putting her past behind her. She calls a family friend, Stanny, who wants to buy Jamie’s old trailer. Jamie raised her siblings in the trailer, which is now vacant. She’s happy to be giving Stanny a home, but she’s nervous about going to her former home without Doug.

Jamie and her sister, Leah, go to meet Stanny at the trailer. Stanny is grateful to Jamie, and it’s a good experience for everyone. Jamie signs the contract before handing it over to Stanny, who is clearly thrilled to have a home she can call her own.

When Jamie gets home, Doug is waiting for her in bed. Because they love spooning, he made his wife “spooning cookies,” which she adores. Although Jamie admits to initially worrying about crumbs on the bed, she lets it go, allowing herself to enjoy the moment with her husband. Doug tells Jamie he feels bad that he wasn’t able to go with her to the trailer. Jamie explains that her former home was a “security blanket.”

Jamie feels like she and Doug are “finally on the same page.” They decide to go to couple’s therapy. “I haven’t felt this giddy about Jamie in a while,” Doug admits to Married at First Sight: The First Year viewers. They both appear to be relieved with where their marriage seems to be heading.

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