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Married at First Sight’s Tres Russell: “I Have a Classy Wife”

Married at First Sight's Tres RussellMarried at First Sight's Tres Russell talks to The Knot about wife Vanessa Nelson. Credit: FYI

When a groom casts eyes on his bride for the very first time on their wedding day, anything could go wrong. But for Married at First Sight‘s Tres Russell, it was definitely like at first sight.

The 27-year old luxury car brand specialist felt an instant connection with his Married at First Sight match, Vanessa Nelson. Now that he’s settled into married life, the new groom is opening up about his experience in an exclusive interview with The Knot.

“I think Vanessa’s smile is flawless,” Russell recalls about meeting his bride on their wedding day. “When I first saw her walk from behind the curtain, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. She looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress. To this day, her smile still gets me every time.”

Chemistry between Russell and Nelson was apparent from the moment they met at the altar. Since then, the new groom has made it no secret that he was anxious to consummate their marriage. On the latest episode, viewers learn that the couple does, in fact, make it official. “I am not going to lie—I was excited about consummating our marriage,” Russell tells The Knot. “I think that it just helped us build a deeper connection.”

He acknowledges that the ‘consummation scene’ makes him cringe to watch. “I said it the way I did in complete jest with my producers, and I was making it so extreme because I thought they would have no way of actually using the footage,” he shares. “I think some people took it a little too seriously. The people that matter most though (Vanessa, her mom, my aunt and grandmother) all understand that I was saying it as a joke, and I would never let personal information out like that in a serious manner. I am a light-hearted person that loves to joke about things, and that is one that I may have taken too far.”

“I have a classy wife, and I did not intend to make a mockery of us being intimate,” he goes on. “I put my hands over my head every time I see the clip!”

Russell’s wife loves romance, and he’s more than happy to provide it. “I use romantic gestures, such as bringing flowers and her favorite candies weekly, to help keep the spark alive,” he shares. “I think it is just important to keep her surprised and happy.”

Since the newlyweds were strangers prior to their wedding, we were curious as to how Russell knew what his wife would enjoy. “During the beginning of the process, I would put notes in my phone about the little things that she said were her favorites,” he tells The Knot, “like types of flowers, candy, foods, desserts… I try to bring one of those things home weekly for her. She works really hard and she always tries to take care of me and help me out, and I just want to show her that I am listening to what she says and I do appreciate her.”

Nelson isn’t the only one who appreciates romance; Russell is a sucker for it, too. We asked the newlywed what he would like his wife to do for him on a more regular basis. “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” he tells us. “Vanessa is an amazing cook. I always feel special when I come home and she has a meal prepared for me.  I think that with us both working and then filming outside of work, we did a lot of eating out and takeout. We both still have very busy schedules, so I completely understand and obviously don’t fault her at all for it, but I guess that is something that I would enjoy more. I also need to cook more for her!”

Married at First Sight's Tres and Vanessa

Married at First Sight’s Tres talks to The Knot about wife Vanessa. Credit: FYI

On the latest Married at First Sight episode, Russell goes out with the guys and comes home drunk, leaving his wife reeling. “This is one scenario where I really wish the cameras were there to capture every moment and there was no editing involved,” he admits. “Vanessa and I are perfectly fine regarding the situation now but I think things were misrepresented on the episode, and that was mainly because of our interviews.”

“I was not “passed out drunk” by any means, and I hate that it is coming off like I was,” he goes on. “I was 100% wrong for not letting my wife know that I had arrived home and I was about to go to bed, and that would have helped avoid all drama. I completely understand why Vanessa felt like she couldn’t rely on me at the time, and it was definitely a learning experience. We have learned from it and moved on.”

One of Russell’s wife’s concerns is that her husband may not have been ready for marriage. “If I did not believe that I was ready for marriage, there is no way in the world that I would have went through with the process,” he shares. “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don’t believe that one of our opinions over the other should be taken as fact. We have moved forward past that opinion after several conversations, but I know where my mind was at the time of signing up. The right person will always make you ready for that level of commitment.”

The new groom has admitted to dating a lot of women prior to being chosen for the Married at First Sight experiment. “I have dated in the past of course,” he explains. “Dating is just a way of finding the one. You can’t find the one sitting on your couch and expecting them to knock on your door and ask for sugar or something.”

“You learn from trial and error,” Russell continues. “I think that dating has prepared me for marriage. I know where I have messed up in the past, and I see things that I can do to improve my relationships.”

So does Russell miss the bachelor life? “Being a bachelor was fun, but it’s also lonely,” he shares with The Knot. “I think that going out and partying is something that bachelors do to keep themselves from the reality that there is no one to come home to. I have met a lot of great women over the years, but I did not meet ‘the one.’ The ‘bachelor lifestyle’ is just another way of going out and meeting new people in hopes of running across ‘the one’ in my opinion.”

Now that Russell is a Married at First Sight veteran, he has a piece of advice for bachelors who choose to go through the process. “The most important piece of advice would be to stay committed and give it your all,” he says. “You will experience bumps in the road, but with good communication and compromise, you can get past it and have a successful marriage.”

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