Married at First Sight’s Sam Role: “I Deserved” Neil’s Request to Split

Married at First Sight's Sam RoleAfter husband Neil Bowlus said he wanted a divorce, Sam Role told Married at First Sight fans that she "deserved it." Credit: FYI

Sam Role is owning up to her mistakes. The Married at First Sight season three participant live-tweeted her reaction to last night’s shocking finale episode.

During the second part of the Decision Day finale, Role told husband Neil Bowlus that she wanted to stay married after the initial 6-week experiment was up. She admitted to not treating him well during the first few weeks of their marriage, but said she had changed and grown as a person because of him. Bowlus, however, didn’t feel the same way and asked for a divorce. Role then ran off the set crying.

As soon as Bowlus’ decision was shown on TV, Role was flooded with tweets of support from fans.
One fan wrote, “OMG….Noooooooo.” Role retweeted the sentiment – shared by many other commenters – adding, “I deserved it. I was horrible. He deserves someone better. I thought I was becoming so much better but I deserved it.”

Role also wrote to another fan: “It’s ok I deserved it. I shouldn’t have been such a horrible wife!!”

One commenter simply tweeted a broken heart emoji and, “What?!?!!?!!?!!” Role replied:

The day after Bowlus asked for a divorce, the two had a conversation that was surprisingly friendly. “I was hurt when I saw him that day,” Role admitted on Twitter. “But he deserved to have respect because he was respectful to me when I was mean.”

In addition to her MAFS fans, Role received support from the other Married at First Sight participants including Tres Russell and David Norton. “It takes a very special person to admit that they messed up,” Russell tweeted Tuesday night. “Especially when you show true growth from it. I salute you @Sam_MAFS.”

Norton also tweeted, “I feel for @Sam_MAFS but the amount of growth she has shown is remarkable and she should be proud.”

Next Tuesday, the “6 Months Later” special airs where the Married at First Sight experts will check back in with the couples. Team Sneil fans are hoping the two may have rekindled their romance.

“Surely you guys get back together at the reunion…” one viewer tweeted. Role replied, “Tune in!”

Do you think Team Sneil will be getting back together?

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