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Married at First Sight’s Tres Shares Taco Salad Recipe With Neil, David on Bros’ Night

Married at First Sight's Neil Bowlus, Tres Russell and David NortonMarried at First Sight's Tres Russell taught Neil Bowlus and David Norton how to make his famous taco salad and The Knot captured the hilarious bros' night on film! Credit: The Knot News

Season 3 of Married at First Sight will be remembered for many reasons. One of The Knot’s favorite takeaways is Tres Russell’s taco salad. In an attempt to impress Vanessa Nelson, his Married at First Sight match, Tres whipped up his now-infamous signature dish. Social media went crazy with fans concocting their own versions, and viewers weren’t the only ones who were thoroughly inspired.

David Norton and Neil Bowlus, Tres’ fellow Married at First Sight bros, couldn’t wait for an in-person tutorial, and Chef Tres was happy to oblige. The Knot stopped by Tres’ apartment during the bros’ night cooking lesson and caught every hilarious moment on camera. Our host was enthused to share his taco salad cooking instructions and recipe. Spoiler alert: The finished product was a hit! David and Neil shared their reviews and star ratings with us below.


Seasoned beef
4 cheese Mexican blend
Hot salsa
Sour cream

Tres’ Cooking Instructions:
First you begin to cook and season the beef. While that is cooking, you prep the lettuce (because it is a salad of course), and then dice the tomatoes and jalapeños. Once the beef is cooked and seasoned, it is time to make your plate. Lay the Doritos on the plate to make the bottom layer; strategically place the beef on top of the Doritos. Turn it into a real salad by adding lettuce and tomatoes to the next layer; add the salsa and cheese on top of that, and then top it with sour cream and jalapeños. If you are trying to impress someone and be classy, use a nice fork. If not, I recommend using your hands.

Neil Bowlus Tres Russell David Norton Taco Salad 5
Neil Bowlus Tres Russell David Norton Taco Salad 4
Neil Bowlus Tres Russell David Norton Taco Salad 3
Neil Bowlus Tres Russell David Norton Taco Salad 2
Married At First Sight Taco Salad
Married At First Sight Taco Salad
Married At First Sight Taco Salad
Married At First Sight Taco Salad

Reviews & Ratings:

“5 stars. Truly a life changing experience. I fully expect a Tres Taco Salad food truck coming to a city near you.” – David Norton

“I would rate ‘Taco Salad a la Tres’ a solid 4.5 stars out of five. It’s a simple, yet refined dish that fits every cooking ability. The spatula change mid prep, as surprising as it was, was a key step in the process by unleashing hidden flavors in the beef. The presentation is colorful and appeases the eye. My stomach smiled after this delicious meal, I would recommend to friends and family.” – Neil Bowlus

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