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Married By Mom and Dad’s Christina Rollyson Post-Finale: “I’m in Love with Tom”

Married By Mom and Dad's Christina and TomAfter the finale of Married by Mom and Dad, Christina Rollyson gives The Knot and update on her marrige to Tom. Credit: courtesy of Christina Rollyson Haas

Everyone loves a happy ending, and Married By Mom and Dad‘s Christina Rollyson and her husband, Tom Haas, are creating just that. If you followed the premiere season of the hit TLC show, you know Rollyson’s wish was to meet and marry her Prince Charming at the altar. Because of her unwavering faith in God, her parents, and the Married By Mom and Dad process, Rollyson didn’t give up after her first wedding fell through abruptly. Now, happily married and living a real-life fairytale, The Knot caught up with the newlywed following the Married By Mom and Dad finale.

At the very end of the last episode we learned that Rollyson and her husband moved into a bigger home. We were curious if the extra space helped them transition into married life. “We are so much more comfortable with having more space,” Rollyson acknowledges. “It allows us more room to entertain our friends and family.”

One problem the couple faced following their wedding was not having enough closet space for Rollyson’s clothes and her husband’s size 17/18 shoes. We asked the new bride if that issue has been resolved since the move. “Most important is that we have two walk in closets,” she tells us. “I even have extra space for more clothes! Tom has all the room he needs for those giant shoes. It was sort of funny… At Christmas, when Tom met my cousin who wears a couple sizes larger than Tom, they bonded right away with so much to discuss about their challenges finding shoes. He is the only man I’ve been around who focuses on shoes more than I do.”

Married by Mom and Dad's Christina and Tom

Rollyson tells The Knot that her husband has kept up the romance in their marriage and “does little things” to make her happy. Credit: courtesy of Christina Rollyson Haas

Right after the wedding, it was up in the air as to whether the couple would move in together right away. Rollyson explained to her husband that she would need “Christina time.” Ultimately, they both came to an agreement to give living together a shot. “My fears about needing ‘Christina time’ were completely unwarranted,” Rollyson tells The Knot. “As it turns out, it is Tom who needs ‘Tom time.’ I think he would agree that it was more of an adjustment for him. I just try to make sure I give him enough space. All and all, togetherness has been an issue only in that we have made decisions to spend more quality time together and put our relationship first.”

Rollyson’s husband set high standards for himself from the very beginning of their marriage. He pulled off a gorgeous proposal and surprised his wife with a romantic sailboat ride into the sunset. We asked Rollyson if the romance has continued, and if the two plan to jet off on a second (off-camera) honeymoon. “While we don’t take sailboat rides into the sunset on a daily basis, Tom does little things that are important to me,” she shares. “It’s not always the grandiose gestures that make me happy. It’s helping me make sure our place is tidy or helping with my car.”

“In regards to a second honeymoon (off-camera), we did just come back from St. Kitts,” Rollyson explains. “This time we were with Tom’s parents, which was a lovely gift from them. So technically, we were honeymooned by mom and dad. We just thought we should continue the theme.”

Married by Mom and Dad's Christina Rollyson and Tom

The newlyweds were able to enjoy a second honeymoon without Married By Mom and Dad cameras. Credit: courtesy of Christina Rollyson Haas

On the Married By Mom and Dad finale, Haas hinted that the newlyweds may be having baby fever. We asked Rollyson if viewers can expect baby news any time soon. “Tom was teasing me, because my dad prayed for healthy offspring and that my womb would be blessed at our wedding,” Rollyson explains. “He noticed my face turned red, so he knows he can embarrass me with that one. I do think that Charleston would be an incredible place to raise children close to the ocean, or as I call them – water babies. That said, we have no immediate plans for it. We want to make sure that our relationship has had the time it needs and that our situation is strong before bringing other lives into the picture.”

We felt compelled to ask the new bride why she’s glad she met her husband through the Married By Mom and Dad process. In what ways is this type of arranged marriage more desirable than traditional dating to meet a spouse? “I’m very glad I met Tom the way I did,” Rollyson shares with The Knot. “We will forever have our first few moments of getting to know each other to show our grandchildren one day (assuming that my womb is blessed).”

“I don’t know that this process is better than traditional dating,” she says honestly. “I suppose it depends on your desires and expectations. Traditional dating is like meeting someone’s best side and falling in love with that best side, and slowly easing into their faults. Getting married first is like, I’m going to go home with you and show you all my flaws right away, and please love me anyway.”

And does Rollyson have any regrets? “The only regret I have is one that I couldn’t control,” she shares. “Because of the first attempted wedding, my family spent time off work and money, because they had to travel to South Carolina. When I married Tom, they simply couldn’t do that the second time. I didn’t even invite some of my friends, because I didn’t want to put that kind of pressure on them considering what happened last time. While it was wonderful having such a beautiful wedding, it was very sad for me getting married without the family members and friends who tried to attend the first time.”

Married by Mom and Dad's Christina Rollyson and Tom

The couple celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve together. Credit: courtesy of Christina Rollyson Haas

Before we let Rollyson go, we asked her what type of person should consider signing up to be matched on Married By Mom and Dad. Specifically, what qualities should future participants possess, as well as their parents? “The kind of person that should sign up for Married by Mom and Dad should be a person who shares the same values as their parents,” she explains. “If they have an entire family praying for them, that’s also a major plus! There should also be an open mindedness to the results. For example, I admire and respect Marivic’s father for stopping the process when the one for her simply wasn’t in the mix. Having parents that are willing to fight for you is really important.”

“Also, many people say that they are ‘ready’ for marriage,” she continues. “I think the parents have to weed out the true motivation. Does that mean the individual is ready to have babies or do what their friends are doing? It’s more than being the right time in life. It’s more than adding someone to better your life. If you’re not willing to yield who you are to become one as a team, then you’re not ready for marriage.

So, is Rollyson in love with her husband? “Yes, I am in love with Tom,” she tells The Knot. “I don’t know exactly when I figured out it was the real deal. I guess it’s like growing. It happens a little each day until all of the sudden you realize it happened. We still nourish that growth. That is the exciting and fun part; I think we can develop more aspects of our love. I don’t think we will ever be done growing.”

Rollyson met her Prince Charming, had her fairytale wedding, and moved into her castle. We wish her the happily ever after she deserves!

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