‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Episode 3 Recap: “Red Flags” and “Baby Fever”

Married by Mom and Dad's Christina RollysonChristina Rollyson is set to marry, Kevin, the man her parents chose for her on the upcoming episode of TLC's Married by Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

When parents stand-in as matchmakers, what could possibly go wrong? The Married By Mom and Dad singles have put the fate of their futures into their parents’ hands, and despite good intentions, we fear this could end (very) badly.

On the December 27 episode, entitled “Cut the Bull$!,” the parents began introducing their adult children to potential marital matches. This fast forward approach left viewer’s heads spinning, as one single is already celebrating her last night of the single life. Let’s take a closer look at these adventurous brides and grooms-to-be…

Christina Rollyson: This entrepreneur and self-professed Daddy’s girl meets potential husband, Kevin, for the first time after her parents urge her not to wait to meet him at the altar. Although she admits he’s “not my typical type,” the soon-to-be-bride is keeping an open mind. “I have a good feeling about him,” she tells viewers after an awkward first meeting. She calls her dad, telling him she trusts him to make the ultimate choice. Her dad is convinced Kevin is “the one.”

With her wedding only a day away, Christina celebrates her last night of singlehood during her bachelorette party. Donning a veil and showing off her dance moves on a bus filled with friends, the future bride appears to be up for anything. Will her happy-go-lucky attitude carry over into married life? We sure hope so, but we have a strong feeling there may be a bumpy road just ahead…

Mitch Sargent: When this bachelor meets Rebecca for the first time, he finds her attractive, but it doesn’t take long for him to see “red flags.” Her “greater goal” is to travel, and Mitch fears he won’t fit into her nomad lifestyle. He tells viewers that Rebecca “would be a fun person to be friends with,” but he’s not feeling the marriage potential.

Martha, his parents’ second pick, makes an instant impression. “She’s definitely gorgeous,” he acknowledges after meeting her, and conversation between the two flows naturally. Although Martha is currently job hunting and contemplating graduate school, Mitch isn’t turned off, but he is concerned that she’s not grounded in her career. They share a desire for having a family, and Martha admits she has “baby fever.” She can’t drink wine, which may seem like a deal breaker for Mitch, who sells wine for a living, but he’s not writing her off. Despite their differences, this pair could prove to be a (nearly) perfect match. We’re rooting for Mitch… he certainly has a lot to offer.

John Coultrip: His parents have narrowed it down to Christina and Chandler, and they want to make sure the gals are the outdoor type. After inviting Chandler on a fishing trip, they’re instantly impressed by her “gorgeous smile” and adventurous personality. Chandler tells her potential future in-laws that her last relationship “was toxic,” but she’s taken the time to find herself.

When John tells his friends about the Married By Mom and Dad process, he’s met with a mix of reactions. He’s surprised when one friend tells him, “This is a joke, man. I don’t think it’s right.” The negativity isn’t swaying his decision, though; John is ready to get married, and we’re anxious to meet his could-be-brides!

Marivic Febiar: Although Marivic’s parents aren’t initially swooning over their final pick, Steve, they quickly change their minds when he tells them he has a college education and likes to dance. “I want to start a family in the next three to five years,” the bachelor tells them. They’re impressed when Steve shows initiative by asking them questions and wants to see a photo of their daughter. We have a hunch he’s the one, but Marivic will have her say on the next episode…


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