‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Episode 4 Recap: A “Devastated” Bride

Christina Rollyson on Married by Mom and DadOn the fourth episode of Married By Mom and Dad, Christina Rollyson gets cold feet about her wedding. Credit: TLC

We’ve all heard of jilted brides being left at the altar, but one Married By Mom and Dad single didn’t make it that far. On the January 3 episode, some of the parents are narrowing down potential partners for their adult children, and one father is picking up the pieces after his daughter’s future husband calls it quits before the relationship has a chance to begin. Let’s take a closer look at how the singles are doing and highlights from the latest Married By Mom and Dad episode…

Christina Rollyson: All of the parents are moving at lightening speed to try to find a perfect match for their son or daughter, but could Christina’s dad and stepmom be rushing the process a little too much? They’ve chosen Kevin as their daughter’s future husband, and wedding preparations are all but finalized. On her wedding day, her father says he hopes Kevin is who he says he is, and her stepmom is determined to make it an amazing day for Christina. “I’m excited that now Christina is gonna have that special, magic moment,” she says. The bride-to-be acknowledges that she has been dreaming of her wedding day since childhood.

Christina and her father are surprised when Kevin walks into the chapel. “I wasn’t expecting to see him until we walked down the aisle,” the soon-to-be bride admits. When he sits down alone with Christina, Kevin explains that he wants to make sure he has chemistry and a connection when he gets married, and then he tells her that he’s not feeling that connection with her. “That passion for me is just, like, everything,” Kevin tells her. “I wanted it so bad.” Despite wishing he had felt chemistry with Christina, apparently it just wasn’t there for him. She thanks him for being honest with her, saying “ultimately we have to follow our hearts at the end of the day.” When he leaves the chapel, she admits that she’s “devastated.”

Although her parents’ top pick bailed on her, Christina decides to celebrate with family and friends anyway. She tells her dad that she has learned how much he loves her through this process. “I’m more proud of her this moment,” he says, “than I’ve been ever before.” Rather than dwelling on the negatives, Christina points out the positives. “I do have unconditional love,” she tells guests. “Let’s go party – a celebration of love.”

Will Christina stick to being single, or will she try the Married By Mom and Dad process again? We’ll find out on the next episode whether or not she’s willing to put her future in her parents’ hands once again.

Mitch Sargent: Mitch meets the third of his parents’ potential picks, and he’s immediately attracted to her. “I thought she was gorgeous,” he recalls after meeting with Emily. She found him very attractive, and Mitch thought her nervousness was cute. When Emily asks him if he’s scared to get married, he admits that he is. But the nerves aren’t keeping him from moving forward. “We were just like chatty Cathy’s,” the groom-to-be tells viewers. Out of the three women he’s met, Mitch seems to be drawn to Emily more than anyone.

When Mitch sits down with his parents to discuss the women, he explains that he liked Rebekka, but he doesn’t know where he would fit into her life. She enjoys traveling, and Mitch has more interest in settling down; probably not a perfect fit. He recalls his time with Martha, admitting to his parents that she’s beautiful and funny. “Not a bad choice there,” he says, but he’s concerned she is still “young in life.” When they talk about the final potential wife, Mitch says, “Emily was awesome!” He explains that they have a lot in common, but he’s not sure she would want to marry him.

Mitch anxiously waits to hear from his parents as they all sit down to make their final decision without their son. Although his father is torn between Martha and Emily, all three of the parents vote for Emily in the end. On the next episode, Mitch is introduced to his future bride. We can hardly wait!

John Coultrip: John’s quirky parents have narrowed the field to two women, and after meeting Chandler on the December 27 episode, they ask their final pick, Kristina, to meet them in the woods. After keeping the parents waiting for three hours, the potential bride shows up donning sandals and a short skirt. John’s mom is concerned Kristina won’t have the “outdoor stamina” to keep up with her son, but after wrapping her in a blanket and having a chat, the parents are impressed by her “positive qualities.”

“I grew up and I never fit in,” Kristina tells her could-be future in-laws, “and I’m so thankful for that now.” This comment touches John’s mom, who explains that John had a similar childhood experience.

John’s parents love both girls, and they’re going to have a difficult time deciding who to make their daughter-in-law. They call John, who has been waiting for an update. “They’re dying to meet you,” his mom tells him of the two women. He encourages them to set up dates somewhere “outdoorsy.”

On the next episode, Kristina tells John she’s not looking for a “perfect angel,” because she has plenty of flaws. Will she talk her way out of becoming a wife? Or will this be just the kind of honesty John is looking for? We’ll find out next week!

Marivic Febiar: When Marivic sits down with her parents and a potential mate on the next episode, her father asks him about his medical background. Will the interrogation send his potential son-in-law headed for the hills? Only time will tell…

Tune in for the next full-length episode of Married by Mom & Dad airing January 10 at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.


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