‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Episode 6 Recap: “I’m Done”

Married By Mom and Dad's Marivic FebiarMarivic Febiar says she is done on the latest episode of 'Married By Mom and Dad.' Credit: TLC

As the Married By Mom and Dad singles get closer to saying “I do,” viewers are left wondering if happily ever after is a possibility at the end of the grueling matchmaking process.

On the January 17 episode, entitled “I’m Done,” we learn that one soon-to-be bride’s family has no idea she’s getting married while another future bride’s father is ready to give up on the Married By Mom and Dad process altogether. Let’s take a closer look at the drama-packed episode as we contemplate what could go wrong…

Marivic Febiar: After hitting it off with Steve on last week’s episode, Marivic is in for a surprise when she meets her parents’ next pick. Her father is less than enthused about introducing his daughter to plumber Ben, but Marivic is keeping an open mind.

When Ben shows up to the restaurant, there is instant tension in the air. Marivic is unimpressed by how her date is dressed, and he’s appalled that remnants of bone marrow are still on the table. Her parents leave them alone, and Ben asks her why she’s letting her parents choose her spouse. She responds with, “because I don’t trust myself anymore,” and her date proceeds to get on her nerves.

Marivic asks Ben if he would marry her if her parents chose him as her husband. He replies by saying, “obviously,” but his date is not convinced. “If Ben and I got married, our marriage would be… loud,” Marivic tells viewers. He calls her out for getting “angry quickly,” but she assures him she’s doesn’t get angry; she simply gets “intense.”

“I would put you in your place in about about five minutes,” Ben says about her attitude, which Marivic doesn’t take well. She believes her date is rude and arrogant, obviously hitting a nerve with her. “This very well might be the worst possible date I’ve ever been on,” Marivic tells viewers. And after she leaves the restaurant, Ben refuses to pay the tab.

The next day, tension is at an all time high between Marivic and her dad. “I don’t care that he’s a plumber; he’s an idiot,” she shares with him about Ben, and she tells him, “that leaves Steve.” Her father tells her he doesn’t think anyone will be good enough for her, admitting that he doesn’t want her to be with any of the men they’ve selected. When she suggests he spend more time with Steve, he reaches his breaking point. “I’m sorry, I don’t wanna do this anymore,” he says and walks away. “It’s very likely that my father will never approve [of] a single guy for me,” she acknowledges. We’re hopeful he’ll change his mind.

Mitch Sargent: Emily is reflecting on Mitch’s proposal, describing it as surreal. She goes wedding dress shopping with her future mothers-in-law, and the reality of the Married By Mom and Dad process begins to sink in. “It’s a whole long thing,” she tells the show’s producer about why she hasn’t told her family about the wedding. “I don’t feel like going into it.” She admits to “not freaking out” about the wedding, but Mitch’s mom is sensing something isn’t right.

The bride-to-be chooses a tea-length lace gown for the beach wedding, but she refuses to wear a veil. Because the Married By Mom and Dad experience is so nontraditional, it seems she wants to stick with that theme.

When their wedding day comes, Mitch’s moms bring other family and friends to help Emily get ready, since her family will not be part of the day. She admits that she doesn’t know how her siblings will react when they find out that she’s married, as she attended their traditional weddings.

Mitch’s friends come to his place to get ready for the ceremony, and Mitch breaks the news that Emily’s family doesn’t know. His friends think it’s “weird” and “he’s crazy,” resulting in an awkwardly intense moment that we’re hopeful won’t carry over into the wedding.

Christina Rollyson: After being turned down by her parents’ first pick, this dreamer is not giving up. Her mom and dad go through more submission tapes, and they’re impressed by bar manager, Tom. When they meet him for a meal, they’re intrigued by his “honesty, sincerity, and confidence.” Tom admits that he works long hours, making it difficult to find time to date.

“For me, I would want her to be my best friend forever,” Tom tells Christina’s parents of his future wife, making them believe he’s “very committed.” When they ask if he would wait to meet his future wife at the altar, he responds by saying, “I will.”

The parents are going to think and pray about the decision, and Tom thanks them for “giving me a chance.” “I really am ready to marry someone that I meet for the first time at the altar,” he tells viewers. “And God says yes, too,” he says in a funny moment after lightening strikes outside. We can’t help but believe Christina’s parents have made the right choice, as Ben strikes us as a really great guy!

John Coultrip: Following his successful date with Kristina on the January 10 episode, John is meeting his parents’ next and final pick, Chandler. “He’s very good looking,” she admits after meeting the bachelor. “He didn’t disappoint.

The two play soccer and Chandler holds her own, which John finds attractive. “I definitely enjoy having a partner who I can be competitive with,” he acknowledges, and they sit down to have a chat.

John appreciates that Chandler is beautiful and athletic, admitting there is chemistry between them. At the end of their date, she tells him she misses him already, and John says he misses her, too. “I love it when you lie to me,” she jokes, allowing viewers to see the connection they share. John later calls his parents to weigh-in on his dates, and they have a tough decision to make.

“Both of them would be… could be perfect for him,” John’s dad says of Kristina and Chandler. We’re thinking Chandler may be “the one” for him, but we’re sure to find out next week!

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Married By Mom and Dad, John’s parents call their future daughter-in-law to tell her she’s getting married. Christina’s parents meet with Tom again to ask him if he’ll marry their daughter. And Mitch is left wondering if Emily will show up for their wedding.

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