‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Episode 7 Recap: Mitch Sargent Gets Married

Mitch Sargent and Emily weddingMitch Sargent married Emily on 'Married By Mom and Dad.' Credit: TLC

The Married By Mom and Dad participants are undoubtedly adventurous, and on the latest episode, entitled “The Big Reveal,” they’re proving the lengths they will go to in order to find true love.

With a wedding, two unconventional proposals, and a feuding family all in one jam-packed hour, all four Married By Mom and Dad participants are clearly committed to the process. Let’s take a look at the highlights from the January 24 episode.

Mitch Sargent: It’s his wedding day, and Mitch is filled with mixed emotions. “It’s like just the biggest day of my life,” he tells viewers. “I’m kind of on edge. I’m a little nervous.” His bride-to-be is remaining calm and cool. “It’s hard for me not having my family [at the wedding],” she admits, “but I decided to do this on my own, because… I don’t know that they would fully support it.”

The couple is getting married at a Los Angeles beach, and it’s the perfect day for a wedding. Because Emily has no family or friends attending the ceremony, Mitch’s guests “fill the gaps” on the bride’s side of the aisle. His mom goes with the flow when she’s seated on Emily’s side, but she has trouble understanding why she’s sitting there when Mitch’s father and stepmom-to-be are seated on her son’s side.

Emily has always dreamed of having her dad walk her down the aisle, but because he’s unaware of the wedding, she walks down alone. “I’m kinda giving myself away,” she tells Married By Mom and Dad viewers, but when she sees her soon-to-be husband waiting for her, any regrets seem to disappear.

During the ceremony, the couple is beaming, and their first kiss is sweet and sincere. They are affectionate with each other during the reception as Emily is introduced to her new husband’s friends. “Everyone seems really down to earth,” she tells viewers, then Mitch’s roommate offers a toast. At the end of the night when a producer asks the newlyweds what the best part of their day was, Mitch says, “I don’t know if we’ve gotten there yet.”

Nerves kick in after the reception when it hits Emily that this will be the first time the couple is “intimately” together. “It’s still a mystery in my mind,” she admits, “what we’re really gonna be like together.”

The new groom pours them each wine, and after some awkward, giggly time together on the couch, Mitch says, “let’s go to bed,” and Emily responds, “I think we need to.” The new bride is “comfortable with Mitch,” and feels like “there’s something really there.”

Christina Rollyson: When her parents meet Tom for a second time, he tells them he’s “emotionally committed.” He admits that if they go a “different route, there will be some healing there.”

When Christina’s father asks Tom to marry their daughter, he appears relieved, saying “I will.” Her father asks if he’s “willing to go to that altar having never seen her.” He wants to know that Tom has “that kind of faith, that kind of hope, believing that love will happen.” Tom doesn’t hesitate to say, “I do. I honestly do.” Christina’s stepmother tells him he won’t be disappointed, and Tom is filled with emotion.

When Christina’s parents tell her that they’ve found the man for her, she tells viewers that she does plan to tell her future husband what happened on her first wedding day. She worries that this being her second time trying the Married By Mom and Dad process may make him feel less special or important.

John Coultrip: After a tough decision, John’s parents have decided on a wife for their son. “I think that John and Chandler are meant for each other,” his mom says happily. When his parents call their future daughter-in-law to pop the question, Chandler is instantly excited. “Oh, I would love to!” she tells them, and the planning must begin immediately.

“Sorry it’s so last minute,” Chandler’s soon-to-be mother-in-law tells her, “but the wedding is this weekend.” Everyone’s on board, so they meet to find a wedding dress. After trying on her first gown, Chandler goes to change into another, and John meets his parents in the bridal shop. “I hope he likes me,” Chandler admits. “I hope he’s happy with his parents’ choice, and I hope he’s ready to start a future with me.”

Marivic Febiar: After her father decided to quit the Married By Mom and Dad process on last week’s episode, Marivic acknowledges that she’s annoyed he’s “abandoning ship.” Her mother is torn between her husband and daughter, as the two are not speaking to one another.

Although Marivic is not ready to give up, her mom says she doesn’t think either man is right for her daughter. “I’m committed to getting married to whoever survives in the end.” Marivic explains. “It looks like it’s gonna be Steve.” She acknowledges that Married By Mom and Dad is her “last ditch effort” to find love, as she’s attempted all other dating avenues without any real success.

Marivic’s mother throws her a curve ball when she tells her that she wants to quit the process. She has to stick by her husband’s side, leaving her daughter in tears.

Sneak Peek: On the January 31 episode, Mitch freaks out after losing his wedding ring, and John finds out who his fiance is. Marivic’s dad wonders how she’ll take his apology, and it’s Christina’s wedding day once again.

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