‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Episode 9 Recap: Mitch, Emily’s Honeymoon is Over

Married By Mom and Dad's Mitch and EmilyThe honeymoon phase is over for Mitch and Emily on the newest episode of Married By Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

Married By Mom and Dad kept viewers waiting during a long, lonely two week hiatus. But its Valentine’s Day return proved well worth the wait, as fans were met with high drama.

On the February 14 episode, entitled “Second Thoughts,” the Married By Mom and Dad participants are doing their best to move forward. But not everyone is on the same page, resulting in several awkward moments. Let’s take a peek at the highlights and lowlights of the show we just can’t miss on Sunday nights.

Mitch Sargent: This newlywed is reminiscing about the dinner-for-two he shared with Emily on their honeymoon. Her admittance of trust issues left her husband confused and led to a very awkward dinner. Mitch explains to viewers that the tense conversation was “out of the blue.”

When Mitch makes breakfast for Emily, she is thoroughly impressed. She describes her husband as “sweet,” but she wonders if she can trust him. “Her lack of sophistication was kind of cute and endearing,” Mitch says when his wife has difficulty cutting bread. They sit and have breakfast together, although they both appear deep in thought. Mitch doesn’t understand why Emily hasn’t told her friends and family about the marriage. Ironically, Emily explains that she values honesty and that lying is her pet peeve.

“I don’t like to be fake or flaky or anything like that,” Emily tells Mitch, although she admits there is some “fake it till you make it involved” in their marriage. Mitch is put-off by the comment, but he lets it go for now.

When the newlyweds go to a pool party together, Mitch meets a few of Emily’s friends. They play beer pong and Mitch is pushed into the pool, so he goes inside to get warm.

Emily’s friend question Mitch’s friends to find out if Mitch is gay. He overhears from the kitchen, shocked that his wife doesn’t stick up for him. When he asks Emily to support him, she tells him no, leading to a “pivotal moment” for Mitch. As he tries to keep his cool, he goes outside to confront Emily’s aggressive friend. He explains that he’s not gay; he simply doesn’t care about being “overly masculine.” He tells Emily’s friend she’s rude as she laughs, and Emily proceeds to hug her.

“Prior to that moment,” Mitch tells viewers, “I thought things were good.” He walks off down the street, but his wife chooses to stay at the party.

Christina Rollyson: Tom and Christina are now Mr. and Mrs. Haas, and they’re enjoying their wedding reception. Christina is filled with a mix of emotions following the ceremony. “I think I was freaking out,” she tells viewers. “I think I was nervous. I think I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did I just do?’ And at the same time I’m really excited… I’m excited to meet all his people and him also.”

As the couple stand together at the wedding reception, a guest yells, “Tom, you’re hot!” He replies, “Thank you! She’s hotter,” pointing to his wife in a sweet and funny moment.

Christina shows off her dance skills as she enjoys the first dance as newlyweds with her husband. Tom is impressed by her dancing, although he appears to have two left feet. “I was focused primarily on not knocking over candles and setting anything on fire,” he tells viewers. He thanks his wife for marrying him, and she responds with a question, “You’re welcome?”

After Christina shares a charming dance with her dad, the couple eat dinner and chat. Conversation comes easily, convincing guests that they’re a good match. Tom asks for a copy of his wife’s vows, and she asks him why he wants them. “I gotta do em all. It’s like a checklist,” he tells her, and they laugh over macaroni and cheese.

When the newlyweds talk with both of their parents, everyone gets along well. Christina tells viewers she had worried Tom’s parents may hold some resentment over the Married By Mom and Dad process, but she’s thrilled that they seem to like her.

As the duo leave the reception, guests wave sparklers in the air. Tom seems to have a reality check as they are just about to get in the car. “Tonight will probably be one of the most awkward nights of my life,” he admits. “I don’t know where we’re gonna live. All of a sudden, it’s all real. It’s a big responsibility.”

Tom and Christina kiss before they get into the car, and her parents share a high-five. “It’s almost too good to be true,” her dad says, “but it’s true!”

The newlyweds talk and drink champagne in the car on their way to Christina’s home. “I just wanna give you a head’s up that I am a slow-warming coffee pot,” she tells her husband, who says, “I’m okay with that.” And he tells her he likes to cuddle.

“I’m thinking that the couch looks like a good option for Tom,” Christina tells viewers. He carries her over the threshold, but they stop short of the bedroom. Christina shyly asks Tom to unbutton her dress, and they disappear into her room. But the newlyweds did not consummate the marriage; Tom did, indeed, sleep on the couch.

The next morning, this Married By Mom and Dad couple have a deep conversation about Christina’s failed wedding to Kevin. Although Tom describes it as an “ego hit,” he takes it very well.

As the newlyweds drive to Myrtle Beach for their honeymoon, Christina is not ready to talk about their living situation. She’s not sure she wants to live together, although Tom thinks the couple should.

When they get to the hotel, Tom admits he wants to get to know his wife more. “There’s a bed, and there’s no couch,” he tells viewers, “and that means I’m either sleepin’ on the floor, or we’re both gonna be in the bed. Yay! So I’m excited about that.”

John Coultrip: The husband-to-be is chatting with Chandler, but the conversation is awkward. Although Chandler would love to get to know one another, she’s curious “which John” she’s going to get to know… “Car John” or “Date John.” She explains to viewers that he was like “a completely different person” in the car on the way to his home. When they talk, he assumes they’ll live at his place after the wedding, and Chandler will move away from her friends.

John’s fiance admits to viewers that she thinks she’s “more invested in this whole process than John is.” She’s seeing “red flags” with the living situation, but she’s willing to keep trying with him.

When Chandler asks John if he’s excited about the wedding, his answer is less than convincing. But she seems to push aside the negative thoughts, saying “I think it might be a little more work than expected, because we don’t know each other.”

Later, John talks to his dad, and in a truth-filled moment, he says, “Now that it’s kinda all coming to a head, it’s kind of overwhelming.” His dad tells him Chandler is “amazing,” and he encourages his son to have a talk with her.

John’s dad admits to viewers that it is frustrating that John is on the fence about the wedding, as he and his wife have taken vacation time to assist in the Married By Mom and Dad process. “She would be an awesome daughter-in-law,” he tells his son, “and I don’t want it to fail.”

Sneak Peek: Coming up on the next episode of Married By Mom and Dad, Chandler and John decide to take a step back after having a heart-to-heart talk. Emily and Mitch argue, and Mitch accuses his wife of treating their marriage “like a game.” Christina is not sure she wants to move in with Tom, as she wants time to herself. When Tom texts his wife and asks her to meet him, she’s concerned there’s something wrong.

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