‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Finale Recap: Christina’s Happy Ending

Tom Haas and Christina Rollyson Married By Mom and DadTom Haas and Christina Rollyson remain happily married on the finale of Married By Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

Married By Mom and Dad fans have anticipated the season finale with equal parts excitement and dread. Over the past several weeks, we’ve gotten to know Christina, Mitch, John, and Marivic, and already we’re saying goodbye.

Prior to the February 21 finale, Marivic Febiar and her parents withdrew from the Married By Mom and Dad process. Their decision proved that anything goes, but viewers remained cautiously optimistic. Let’s see which of the Married By Mom and Dad participants met their match, and who is leaving the process alone.

Christina Rollyson Haas: The newlyweds are at a Myrtle Beach resort on their honeymoon, and they’re enjoying breakfast in bed. They reminisce about Christina waking up in the middle of the night trying to hit the stranger in her bed. She explains that Tom calmed her down by grabbing her hand and telling her it was him. “It’s Tom,” he told his wife, “and I’m supposed to be here.” Now that they’ve spent a night together, Christina adds Tom as a contact in her phone.

Later, the newlyweds go jet-skiing and they’re having a wonderful time. They stop mid-ride to have a chat about where they’re going to live. Christina explains that she doesn’t want to ruin the romance by “being in each other’s space constantly all the time,” but Tom believes taking that step is essential for their marriage to grow. Christina tells her husband she needs “Christina time,” leaving him visibly disappointed.

After their jet ski adventure, the couple enjoy drinks on the patio during sunset. Christina’s parents call to see how the newlyweds are getting along. “I think we’re getting along pretty well,” Tom admits. “Definitely still getting to know each other. If she was a very simple girl without much going on, it would probably be [quick and easy] to figure her out… Fortunately she is not simple and easy, so it’ll be a long process getting to know her… probably the rest of our lives, and I’m kind of excited about that actually.”

Prior to dinner, Tom leaves his wife to get them each another drink. Christina is concerned when the resort’s office manager comes to get her, stating there is an issue with Tom. When she spots her new husband, he is standing at the end of a sidewalk lined with rose petals in a beautifully decorated pergola. Ribbon, candles, and twinkling lights set the picturesque scene.

“Now that it’s been 49 hours that we’ve been married,” Tom begins, “I think that this means a lot to me. I hope it does to you. And I’m hoping that now that you know I’m not perfect, you know some of my faults and some of the idiosyncrasies… that will make living [with] and marrying me a complicated stressor, it’ll still be an adventure all the time.”

“Now that you actually know me a bit – it’s not just your parents – you’ve had faith in God through this,” Tom goes on, “and you’ve had faith in Becky and your dad through this; I’m hoping you’ll have faith in me in this,” he says.

Tom holds up an engagement ring, dropping to one knee. “Christina,” he says as he looks up at his hopeful wife, “will you get engaged to me… and married two days ago?” The new bride smiles and nods, finally saying, ‘Yes.” A relieved Tom stands to join his wife in a TV-worthy kiss fairytale dreams are made of.

As they leave the resort on the last day of their honeymoon, Tom and Christina are holding hands. On the way home, they agree to try living together; Christina says they’ll “see how it goes.” Tom believes they’re both on the same page, as he understands his wife needs her space. “I don’t need to be clingy or to be clung to,” he says. “It’s a good balance.”

On move-in day, Christina is excited and nervous. She tells viewers that sharing her space is a “huge deal,” but she appears to be determined to make it work. Tom goes with the flow when Christina tells him that her closets are filled with her clothes. She laughs and says her husband needs a special closet for his size 17-18 shoes. She puts on a pair of his jeans, bringing comic relief to an otherwise stressful situation.

Tom leaves for work later and not long after, Christina gets a text that he needs her to meet him. When she shows up at the address he sent her, it’s the Charleston Marina. Christina realizes there is no emergency as she sees her husband standing by a sailboat. He has two glasses of champagne and has changed his clothes, ready for a sunset adventure. Christina tells Tom he’s delivering on his wedding vows. “You haven’t seen nothin’ yet,” he replies. They kiss and talk during the three hour sailboat ride, and the chemistry between them is apparent.

The newlyweds tell their Married By Mom and Dad producer they’re falling in love. “Adventure is next for us,” Tom says. “We have a  lot of plans to make some other big decisions in the near future.” When the producer asks them what plans he’s talking about, he replies, “The womb was blessed.” But if the couple is expecting, Christina isn’t ready to elaborate. “Stop!” she tells her husband with a smile on her face.

Since filming, Christina and Tom have moved into a bigger home and are working towards growing their family. “The magic has happened,” Christina’s dad tells viewers. “They were meant to be together,” Becky adds.


Married By Mom and Dad Mitch Sargent

Mitch and Emily decide to end their marriage on the finale of Married By Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

Mitch Sargent: After Mitch walked away from the party on last week’s Married By Mom and Dad episode, Emily is explaining to viewers why her friend, Suziey, pushed the gay issue. “Suziey’s my best friend here,” she explains. “She’s the first person I told about me and Mitch and the whole situation… She’s trying to protect me as a friend.”

“I’m a little upset at my friends,” Emily admits. “I feel for [Mitch] regardless, because no one needs to feel this way.” She acknowledges that she wonders why her husband didn’t address the gay issue. “Him walking away and getting upset basically was saying to me, ‘Whew, we may have touched a hot spot,’ she tells viewers. Mitch goes home and Emily decides to go back to the party.

Mitch has a talk with his friend and roommate, Stephen, about the party. Mitch tells him that Emily had come home to grab her things after leaving the get-together. It has been four days since the newlyweds have spoken to one another. Mitch thinks Emily may be “over it,” referring to their marriage. “She’s definitely dug herself a little grave,” Stephen admits to his friend.

When Mitch’s parents call to check on him, they know something is wrong. Mitch feels guilty they have put in “so much effort,” choosing not to talk about the party incident with Emily. Later, Emily comes over so the newlyweds can talk. Mitch explains he “didn’t want to be in the drama,” telling Emily that her friend was out of line.

Emily responds by telling her husband that his friends “encouraged it,” and she’s confused why he never addressed the gay issue. She wonders if he cares at all about how the argument effected her. “No,” Mitch admits. “There was nothing that was harm done to you… This is just you being selfish I guess.” His wife responds with a smirk.

“She’s not taking any of the blame at all,” Mitch tells viewers after Emily tells him she doesn’t feel welcome in his home. He tells her she has made it that way and that he went out of his way to make her comfortable. “This whole thing has been a game to you,” Mitch says as his wife laughs. “If you want this to stop, we gotta end this,” Emily tells him. They tell each other goodbye, and Emily leaves her wedding ring on the counter.

“I don’t see this moving forward in a positive manner if we stay married,” Emily tells viewers, “so I don’t see us married any longer.” “Emily and I have decided that we’re not gonna continue to be married,” Mitch later says. “It makes me feel bad.”

Mitch explains that he and Emily had issues behind the scenes of the Married By Mom and Dad process. Emily was concerned about his salary, thinking her husband did not make enough money. Mitch also tells viewers that he had a lock installed on his bedroom door due to Emily being worried that someone would break in and steal her things. He explains that her concern was unnecessary, as he’s never had problems before.

Later, when Mitch and Stephen have a conversation on the patio, Mitch is baffled by the situation and what could have went wrong. “I just legitimately though that whoever would also be crazy enough to do this would be somebody that was willing to let this happen organically,” he admits. “She never really owned it.” Stephen offers to cheer him up by taking him out, but Mitch wants some time alone. “She hid everything from everybody, and it was easy for her to just quit,” he says. “That aside, this has been kinda a stressful experience.”

Since the show, Mitch and Emily haven’t spoken. They both remain single.

Married By Mom and Dad John Coultrip

John doesn’t go through with his wedding and remains single on the finale of Married By Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

John Coultrip: After having second thoughts about marrying Chandlar, John goes to visit her to tell her where he stands. “I wanna make sure I’m making the right choice and not rushing anything,” he tells his fiance. He tells her he wants to “take a step back and call everything off, and see how everything plays out.”

“I’m upset. I’m confused,” Chandlar admits to viewers. “Going from ‘this is really happening; I’m gonna get married in four days’ to now, ‘let’s not do it, let’s call it off and see what happens next. I didn’t know how to take all of it.” She acknowledges that she would have gone through with the wedding because of her commitment, but it seems John doesn’t feel the same.

“I think marriage is a very sacred thing,” John tells viewers. “It’s gotta feel right and it’s gotta be with the right person [at] the right time in your life. You know, a lot of things have to align,” he goes on, “so that’s kinda where I’m at.” He tells viewers that he and Chandlar will remain friends, but he doesn’t want to date her.

When John’s parents come to visit with their son and Chandlar, they’re having a difficult time accepting John’s decision. They give Chandlar gifts, including a bracelet that belonged to John’s grandmother. “This is really emotional for me,” John’s mom admits. “This is horrible.”

When a Married By Mom and Dad producer asks John if he’ll get married in the future, he replies, “We’ll see. It’s one of those things that I think right now, nothing’s set in stone, so that’s kinda where I’m at.”

Since the show, John has moved back to St. Louis to be closer to his parents. He remains single and has no regrets about the Married By Mom and Dad process.

Married By Mom and Dad Marivic and parents

Marivic remains single and still lives with her parents on the finale of Married By Mom and Dad. Credit: TLC

Marivic Febiar: After choosing to leave Married By Mom and Dad, Marivic continues to live with her parents and she is still single. She is not dating Steve.

If you’ve been following Coco’s Story on the TLC website, the final online-only episode concludes her Married By Mom and Dad journey.

Now that the premiere season is over, we already have our fingers crossed as we hope for a second season! Wishing Christina and Tom the fairytale ending they deserve, and to all of the other Married By Mom and Dad participants… We hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for!

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