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Married By Mom and Dad’s Marivic Febiar and Her Parents on the “Stressful Process”

Married By Mom and Dad's Marivic Febiar InterviewMarried By Mom and Dad's Marivic Febiar talks exclusively with The Knot after quitting the process Credit: TLC

The premiere season of Married By Mom and Dad has been met with mixed viewer reactions. What some people see as a last resort to find love, others deem downright desperate.

Just weeks ago, we were introduced to the four Married By Mom and Dad participants who had exhausted their dating options. Each was ready and willing to trade in the single life for a spouse selected by their parents.

Now, several weeks into the Married By Mom and Dad process, two of the participants are married and another will soon be wed. But what happens when the process goes wrong? Enter Marivic Febiar.

Marivic is a 34-year old nurse from New York who was initially excited to be matched. Her loving, supportive parents, Manny and Edna, narrowed their search to two potential husbands, Steve and Ben. Although Marivic’s meeting with Steve went well, her date with Ben was a disaster. When her father decided neither of the men were “the one” for his daughter, Marivic chose to pull out of the process.

The Knot caught up with Marivic and her parents, who are opening up about their experience in an exclusive interview. Loyal fans of the show may just be surprised by the family’s take on Married By Mom and Dad.

Prior to choosing Steve and Ben, Marivic’s parents met with a man named Donny. The hip-hop artist didn’t make the cut, as they questioned his sincerity. We asked Marivic what qualities she believes her parents saw in each man, and if she would have noticed her parents’ picks prior to the show. “I think in Donny my parents saw his positive energy, willingness and his faith, and took that into consideration,” she tells us. “Ben, he was honest in all of his answers to the questions that my parents asked; that was not shown in their lunch meeting. And Steve was enthusiastic, charismatic, and genuinely interested in meeting me. His college degree and professionalism were outstanding above the rest.”

“Would any of them have caught my eye prior to the show?” she asks. “Of the three suitors we’ve seen on TV, Steve may have been the only one to catch my eye, if just in passing.”

We asked Manny and Edna in what ways the Married By Mom and Dad process has been difficult for them. “It was a very stressful process, knowing that our daughter’s future was in our hands,” Manny explains. ” It’s tough seeing Marivic frustrated with her dating situation and wanting the next step in life.

So, does the thought of their daughter moving out and marrying worry her mom and dad? “Our whole family is tight knit,” Edna tells us. “We know she is a headstrong, successful, capable woman and would be absolutely fine on her own.”

“We just wonder if there is a man out there who is her match in all aspects of a life-long partnership,” Manny adds to his wife’s admission.

We were curious what Marivic wishes she had known before diving into Married By Mom and Dad. “I wish I would have known that Mitch and John were in the market for a bride,” she says with a sigh. “I would have signed right up to be one of their suitor-ettes with a bottle of wine in [one] hand and a snow board in the other!”


Married By Mom and Dad's Marivic Febiar with her parents

Married By Mom and Dad’s Marivic Febiar with her parents Manny and Edna. Credit: TLC

We asked Marivic and her mom and dad if they watch the show and what, if anything, surprises them. “Oh, yes, we’ve watched the show,” Manny tells The Knot. “Our entire family, immediate and extended, are all caught up with the episodes and often connect with viewers on social media who reach out to us.”

“I think too many scenes were cut, and that infamous outburst at the restaurant was really out of place considering the events that led up to it,” Marivic admits. “Additionally, my date with Ben portrayed me in a way that is not true to who I am. I’m wondering if Ben was not attracted to me upon first sight and decided from the start to make sure he wouldn’t be chosen.”

“A lot of the negativity that the viewers have lashed out with in response to the episodes came as a big surprise to me,” Edna adds.

We asked Marivic what viewers haven’t seen on TV that she wishes had been captured on-camera. “The show did not display my frenzy and freak out of trying to plan a wedding with an unknown groom,” she explains. “I was so overwhelmed, so my sister flew out from Houston on short notice and was helping arrange a wedding that [we were] uncertain would transpire.”

“Yeah, our other daughter was on the phone with us every day when we were so stressed out during the process,” Edna tells us.

Ben was appalled when he arrived at the restaurant for his date with Marivic and there was bone marrow on their table. We asked the family if he paid the tab, as he wound up there alone. “I don’t know,” Marivic admits. “I never looked back! But someone at the restaurant approached me to say that Ben helped himself to the food we ordered after we left.”

Marivic was happy to dish when we asked her to share one thing with us that may surprise Married By Mom and Dad viewers. “I actually stopped eating meat,” she says, “so no more bone marrow for me!”

Fans of the show may be interested to know how Marivic is feeling about the future. She had no trouble answering in just one word. “Excited!” she shares with The Knot. We wish her all the best!

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