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‘Married By Mom and Dad’ Sneak Peek Video: Christina Tells Tom the Truth

Married By Mom and Dad Sneak Peek VideoMarried By Mom and Dad's Christina tells Tom the truth about her first wedding in an exclusive sneak peek video. Credit: TLC

Married By Mom and Dad was on hiatus last Sunday, and loyal fans are missing the drama. To tide viewers over until the highly anticipated February 14 episode, The Knot is offering an exclusive sneak peek!

Just weeks ago, we met Christina Rollyson, a highly-driven 33-year-old business owner living in Charleston, South Carolina. Since then, we’ve fallen fast for the Married By Mom and Dad participant, along with her down-to-earth parents.

After Christina’s father and stepmom chose Kevin to be her husband, he called off the ceremony on the day of the wedding, stating he didn’t feel a strong connection. Christina took time to grieve the lost marriage, leaving viewers wondering if she would repeat the Married By Mom and Dad process. And thankfully she decided to go for it; for this blushing bride, second time is a charm!

On the latest Married By Mom and Dad episode, Christina met and married Tom Haas. Her parents were sure from the moment they met him that he was the one, and viewers agreed! Tom is laid back, adorable, and down-to-earth just like Christina.

Unfortunately, the new bride was forced to talk to her brand new husband about the Married By Mom and Dad wedding that wasn’t. In the video clip sneak peek for the Valentine’s Day episode, the newlyweds have a difficult heart-to-heart at Christina’s home.

“Was I really the first pick?” Tom asks his wife as they sit facing each other on the sofa. Christina explains that her dad and Becky “weren’t entirely confident” when they chose Kevin, so they asked her to meet him.

“We met and… it’s just wasn’t good,” Christina admits to her husband. The sneak peek flashes back to the Married By Mom and Dad scene from when Christina met her initial match.

“Really I wanted to pretend like everything was okay when it wasn’t,” she explains. “It wasn’t at all.” And when Tom asks why she chose to go through with it, she says, “For my dad and for Becky.”

“Knowing that there was someone else chosen first,” Tom tells viewers, “there’s definitely the ego hit… and so actually I choose to believe that I was the right choice, and given the options of both of us at the same time, [I] would’ve been the first choice. I just wasn’t an option.”

“So, did he back out or did you?” Tom asks his wife, and the preview cuts to Christina and Kevin’s wedding day. Viewers are reminded of him calling off the wedding and how devastated Christina was.

“I did not want you to ever feel like you were second choice, because you weren’t ever,” Christina tells Tom. When she asks if he’s okay, he admits, “It’s a lot to get my head around.”

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Married By Mom and Dad airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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