Model Wears Her Wedding Dress in 33 Different Countries Throughout Her Yearlong Honeymoon

Judean Desert, Israel (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

On Nick and Zoe’s first date, they chatted about their mutual love of travel, and about possibly one day going on a few trips abroad together. But by the time they got engaged in 2016, their hopes for joint travel just hadn’t materialized.

So the pair thought of a fun—if slightly risky—way to make sure they crossed off places on their bucket list by exploring the world together for a full year after their wedding. During the journey, Zoe decided to bring her wedding dress along too.

Rome (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Positano (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Santorini (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Burg Eltz Castle (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Barcelona (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Florence (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

“Life is too short to only wear your wedding dress once,” the couple told People. “And the world is too big to only stay in your little town your whole life. Our hope is that when people see our pictures they feel nothing but inspired to explore a new place, try a new hobby and fulfill that dream they’ve always had.”

Together, the pair visited a whopping total of 33 countries over the course of 52 weeks, documenting their travels on their joint Instagram account, @MarryMeInTravel, with photos including romantic staples like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Meji Shrine in Tokyo, as well as more unexpected spots like the mountains of South Africa or the forests of Phuket, Thailand.

Cape Town (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Mt. Everest (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Bali (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Mt. Cook, New Zealand (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Phuket, Thailand (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Dubai (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Cape Town (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Cappadocia (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Many of the photos feature Zoe in her V-neck Ferrera gown, at times posing on rocks and structures, other times tiptoeing through waters both clear and murky. One particularly arresting shot even shows the bride swimming in her wedding gown.

“Zoe chose the Ferrera gown which ended up being the perfect dress for her travels,” Watters’ style director Sydney Watters Dunbar told People. “It was inspired by the spirit of a fun-loving bride with distinct taste.” Dunbar added that the gown includes “beaded fringe that celebrates the joyous moments brides have in their dream dress.”

Indian Ocean (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

Seychelles (Credit: Watters, @MarryMeInTravel)

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