The Candy You Should Have at Your Wedding Reception, Based on Your State

The results are in: These are the most popular Halloween candies by state.

Tricks, treats and everything sweet. If you’re considering serving candy at your reception or handing out sweets as party favors for your guests—which we highly recommend, especially for Halloween-themed or autumnal ceremonies—you’re in luck with this intel.

A new study by nails down which Halloween candy is most popular in each state. The comprehensive list, which was compiled from 10 years of sales data, offers the three most popular candies in every state (so you can defer to number two if you’re not a fan of the first choice).

According to the data, New Yorkers prefer Sour Patch kids, Californians are all about the M&Ms, and Texans go for Starbursts. For sweet-adoring couples currently planning weddings, you can now nail down which candies will be a hit with your guests based on your respective states.

Find the full list below.