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‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Stars Recreate Toula’s Wedding Dress Using Toilet Paper

Elena Kampouris and Nia Vardalos My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2Elena Kampouris and Nia Vardalos recreate Toula's wedding dress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding using toilet paper. Credit: The Knot News

In honor of the release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 on Friday, March 25, stars Nia Vardalos and Elena Kampouris visited The Knot to participate in a rousing and nostalgic bridal shower game we like to call My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toilet Paper Dress Challenge! Let’s just say there were lots of laughs and lots of toilet paper everywhere…

Vardalos is once again stepping into the roles of writer, executive producer and actress, starring as Toula Portokalos in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel. Newcomer Kampouris joins the cast to play her rebellious teen daughter Paris Miller. The pair are faced with navigating modern life with a set of old Greek traditions in the midst of a second wedding crisis involving Toula’s parents Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie Kazan). Both stepped up to the plate (or in this case a table of TP) to play our My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toilet Paper Dress Challenge at first against one another, and then as a team.

The rules of the challenge are simple: in three minutes Vardalos and Kampouris have to recreate Toula’s terribly fluffy, beaded and lace monster of a wedding dress from the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding film out of toilet paper. Once the three minutes are up, a panel of judges from The Knot score the toilet paper dress fashions on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest.

“This is my ‘I’m a snow beast’ wedding dress,” Vardalos says, quoting a line right out of the first movie. “We are going to play a wedding shower party game where we are going to recreate this wedding dress using – what every bride can afford – toilet paper.”


Facing some difficulties at the very beginning, Vardalos decides to work together with Kampouris. “You know what, I’m going to work as a team,” the actress says. “Come here, I’m going to do you. I’ll make you into the bride.”

“Team effort!” Kampouris says while Vardalos has her on-screen daughter spin in a circle, wrapping her pants in toilet paper to recreate the skirt of her wedding dress.

“We are going to win something! It might even be Windex,” Vardalos says calling on Kampouris’ movie grandfather Gus Portokalos’ (Michael Constantine) comedic obsession with curing ailments with sprays of the glass cleaner.

“Omg, Nia! This is a mess!” Kampouris laughs, pulling at the toilet paper that keeps breaking while trying to cover her arms. Remember, Toula’s dress when she married the non-Greek Ian Miller (John Corbett) had elbow-length sleeves. Plus, she wore long lace gloves to cover her hands and forearms, so Kampouris had the right idea with going right for the “sleeve action!”

Elena Kampouris and Nia Vardalos My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

“Boys just have strippers. This is what we do at our parties!” Vardalos jokes. “You’re doing great,” she cheers on Kampouris adding, “Now, if you can keep turning I’m going to have that skirt done.”

“Okay! Marshmallow outfit,” Kampouris jokes back as she starts to spin.

“The moral of this story is that mothers and daughter should never compete,” Vardalos adds, explaining her reasoning for joining together as a team in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toilet Paper Dress Challenge. “And if you work as a team, you can win everything.”

As Kampouris spins and spins in circles, Vardalos lets the toilet paper pull from the roll she’s got loosely secured on two fingers, lifting it up and down to cover all the missing spots, transforming the actress’ chambray trousers into a white wedding dress skirt.

“You’re doing so good! Don’t faint,” Vardalos says, nervous about Kampouris getting dizzy. “Okay, keep going. This is so good. This is going to be beautiful! This is how you save money at home, everyone.”

Elena Kampouris and Nia Vardalos My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

In a funny request that at first seems out of place, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 mother asks her faux daughter, “Can you just bunch this into your cleavage?” while handing her a wad of toilet paper. “And then I’ll do your hair.” A little taken aback at the request Kampouris says “Oh!” but proceeds with the plan, “Okay!”

But yet again these ladies have this toilet paper wedding dress reproduction down to the finest details. In the original My Big Fat Greek Wedding film, Toula’s gown is covered in big satin bows and obnoxious flowers including, you guessed it, one bunched up poof right in the center of her chest. So, there you go.

“Now, I’ll make your veil,” Vardalos says tearing a few strips of toilet paper to tops off the look. “You hold it at the top of your head,” she says while Kampouris praises her with, “You are brilliant!”

“You look like a little bride. Look at you!” Vardalos says to the 18-year-old actress. “Don’t get married, you’re too young.” But it looks like Kampouris already has plans for wedding bells and struts to the altar replying, “But you can walk me down the aisle! We’re ready to do it right now, but we’re going to wait.”

“The way it is with a Greek family, though, the entire family will walk you down the aisle,” Vardalos advises the young actress. “Now that you’re a Portokalos, Elena Kampouris, you are in the Big Fat Greek family.”

The seconds tick away as the veil gets repositioned, more toilet paper surrounds Kampouris’ shoulders, and when the timer hits zero, the on-screen mother-daughter duo strikes a pose and shouts in Big Greek celebration, “Opa!”

“You are a beautiful bride!” Vardalos remarks once more. “Get some rice, someone!” Kampouris jokes back.

“And unlike most marriages, this is disposable!” Vardalos quips, showing off why she’s the expert wordsmith behind our favorite lines from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and soon-to-be favorites from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

Be sure to watch the My Big Fat Greek Wedding Toilet Paper Dress Challenge to see the entire, stunning toilet paper gown and for the panel of judges’ final scores. Catch Nia Vardalos, Elena Kampouris and the rest of the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 opening Friday, March 25.

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