NASCAR Pit Reporter Kelli Stavast Shares Sunset Proposal Story, “Timeless” Ring Details

Kelli Stavast Proposal StoryKelli Stavast shares her proposal story to Gavin exclusively with The Knot. Credit: courtesy of Kelli Stavast

Nascar America and NBC Sports Group’s NASCAR Sprint Cup and XFINITY Series pit reporter Kelli Stavast said yes to her boyfriend Gavin’s sunset proposal and shared her beachfront engagement and diamond ring details exclusively with The Knot!

Kelli, who has been in the thick of roaring race cars and daring drivers for years found her fiance through fate thanks to her motor sports career. The NASCAR reporter and sports broadcaster, who had just flown from Barcelona to Las Vegas for a huge aftermarket automotive convention called SEMA, told The Knot that a chance gathering of friends and friends-of-friends at Sushi Roku in Caesar’s Palace launched the couple’s love into high gear.

“My friend and I were finished with dinner and about to leave when he started yelling, ‘Kurt! Kurt!’ He had spotted another racecar driver Kurt Busch walking into the restaurant and invited him over to our table.” With the NASCAR driver Kurt was Kelli’s husband-to-be Gavin and she shared with The Knot, “The first thing he said upon our meeting made me laugh and that was it,” adding, “Gavin and I hit it off right away.”

The couple broke off from the group after dinner and Kelli recalled, “Gavin took me casino-hopping, teaching me how to play craps. Before we knew it, we’d been up all night and topped it all off with breakfast at The Palms!” A pretty great night for someone who almost skipped dinner due to jetlag!

Kelli Stavast Proposal Story

Gavin and Kelli behind the Denver Broncos’ bench at Super Bowl 50. Credit: courtesy of Kelli Stavast

Gavin and Kelli were engaged about 15 months after they had started dating. What began as a birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas for Kelli quickly became even more memorable! The couple arrived on an early flight and opted to start their vacation with a nice, long nap. Upon waking, the sun was setting over the ocean and Kelli told The Knot, “Instead of taking the time to get properly dressed and made up, we threw on whatever we could find and headed down to the beach, bed-head hair and all.”

Gavin and Kelli strolled together on the secluded beach watching the “spectacular” sunset “when Gavin suddenly dropped down onto one knee,” Kelli said. “Instinctively, I crouched down right alongside of him!”

Taking advantage of the beautiful sunset Kelli shared that, “Gavin (a man who never shows emotion) had tears in his eyes. He simply asked, ‘Baby, will you marry me?'” and as is to be expected, she then started crying! “I was quickly in tears myself. My first response was, ‘Are you serious?’ He said ‘yes’ and then I said, ‘Of course!’”

“We hugged and cried and watched the sunset for a few moments and then Gavin said, ‘I have a ring,’” which Kelli shared she hadn’t even thought about in all the excitement! Even though the couple hadn’t discussed engagement rings or gone ring shopping together the NASCAR reporter explained that doing so wasn’t Gavin’s style. “He has the confidence to do things like that on his own,”she said, and his choice was a great one!

“Gavin worked with a jeweler in NYC to pick the diamond and design the ring. He did an amazing job.” Kelli shared the details of her engagement ring with The Knot saying, “The ring is relatively simple and timeless in style. The center diamond is brilliant-cut, nearly flawless and sparkles beautifully. The ring is set in platinum. Diamonds adorn the band about halfway around each side.” No, it doesn’t seem like he needed help at all!

“While I thought there was a potential for Gavin to propose at some point, I certainly wasn’t expecting it in that moment,” Kelli told The Knot. “In fact, Gavin later told me that his original plan was to propose the following day, but the sunset was so beautiful that he felt the time was right.” The NASCAR pit reporter explained that she often refers to the proposal as very “organic” saying there was, “No big to-do. No one around to witness it. It just felt right.“

After sharing their exciting news with a few close friends and family members, Kelli and Gavin enjoyed dinner on the beach with a bottle of their favorite bubbly – Laurent Perrier Rose. A short two months later Kelli said, “About 100 of our friends gathered for our engagement party, which featured mermaids in the pool, a 3D photo booth and lots of food and drinks,” and shared, “3 years later, we hope we can top that party with the wedding itself!”

With Kelli’s NASCAR career literally in the fast lane, we can’t wait to see what she and Gavin come up with when they slow down to plan their wedding ceremony. Judging by their proposal story we can guess that there’ll be plenty of their fave Laurent Perrier Rose champagne, a few NASCAR drivers, and lots and lots of laughter! Congratulations you two, and thank you for sharing your love with The Knot!

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