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Newlyweds The First Year’s Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati: “Who Doesn’t Like a Naughty Picture?”

Newlyweds' Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati's love storyCraig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati share their love story with The Knot. Credit: Barry King/

Newlyweds: The First Year fans are hooked on the famous four couples, and we’re learning that the most-likable (and lovely!) duo may just be Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati.

After dishing on their “PHABulous” Palm Springs wedding in an exclusive interview with The Knot, the two handsome devils are back to share how they first fell in love and how they keep their marriage super steamy!

“I met Brandon during [the] filming of Bravo’s “Thintervention,” Craig tells us, “and my passion at the time was 100% focused on my clients’ transformations. Brandon held my hand and supported me during that whole process. He even planned one of my BFF’s baby showers! As soon as we wrapped filming, he took me to Hawaii and it was finally my chance to tell him ‘thank you,’ ‘I love you,’ and ‘I’m in this!'”

And when did Brandon know that Craig was “the one?” “I knew he was the one the moment he hit on me,” he shares.

We just had to know why this busy couple chose to sign up for Newlyweds: The First Year. “We were given a chance to show the world what gay marriage looks like instead of just speculating,” they tell The Knot. “Our marriage is just the same as anyone else’s, just a little more Fit and Phab!”

So, what do the newlyweds do to keep the romance alive? “I travel a lot with my career,” Brandon explains, “so keeping things hot is necessary! Who doesn’t like a naughty picture once and a while?” he adds with a grin.

“I love cards and flowers,” he continues, “and Craig likes food, so [we] make sure to give what the other person likes to receive.” But what about after kids come along? “Children will challenge us to make even more of an effort to keep things romantic,” Brandon acknowledges.

Speaking of children, in a preview for the January 27 episode, Craig is worried he won’t have enough sperm to have kids. We were curious as to whether the gents would consider adopting a child. “I would love to educate myself more about the process of fostering and adoption,” Craig openly shares, but his hubby may not be convinced. “If biological children don’t happen, I’m adopting a pet,” Brandon tells us.

One of the admirable qualities we’ve noticed the men share is being compassionate even when they argue. “I use a mediation technique that’s called the OMnium Universe method,” Brandon shares with The Knot, “which helps me stay balanced and connected throughout my day.”

Craig, a fitness expert, takes a slightly different approach. “Because I work out and/or do physical activity daily, I get rid of a lot of built up tension which is [proven] to help you achieve a state of calmness,” he explains. “We definitely try to stay loving and compassionate when we’re upset-which doesn’t always happen, but we do try!” the couple adds.

We were curious as to whether Brandon and Craig believe the Newlyweds: The First Year cameras capture who they are as a couple. “Yes, the cameras don’t lie,” they agree. “I wish people could see us in our careers- what we do. We are both very established and respected in our professions, so it would be great for people to actually experience it and the extraordinary people we get to work with.”

“We created our Fit and Phab YouTube series, Inside Scoop, so people can see a whole lot more of us and our life!” the guys add.

On the latest Newlyweds: The First Year episode, Craig told Brandon he wanted a husband, not a parent. We’ve wondered if this has been an ongoing issue for the couple. “This is a feeling I’ve had for a long time,” Craig says honestly. “Brandon has had to be a parent his whole life, not having a father, so it’s easy for him to take on that role. We communicate about it, and he hears my reminders.”

The newlyweds were happy to oblige us when we told them we were curious as to whether or not they watch themselves on TV. “[Oh my god!] I’m totally judgy when I watch myself!” Brandon admits. “I mainly cringe at some of the bad Botox moments I experienced before I met my facial rejuvenation goddess, Lynn Bartels! It was hard for me to watch the camping trip and see how deep those scars run.”

“Before we watched the show, Brandi Glanville [from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] warned us that no matter how in shape you feel, when you watch yourself it doesn’t always look like it!” Craig says as he cringes. “Everyone seeing the spray tan on the sheets [on last week’s episode] was a moment of disgust for me.”

So, what do the men love to do to let their hair down and have a good time? “Drag Queen Bingo!” they tell The Knot. “If you’ve never been… do it! It’s super fun and the prizes are not like your grandma’s bingo!”

While they love fun nights out together, both men also enjoy time alone. Craig prefers “binge watching violent or gory shows that Brandon won’t watch,” and Brandon adds, “I can do anything alone and enjoy myself: shopping, Broadway shows, traveling, painting, sex, you name it!” he says with a wink.

We couldn’t let Brandon off the hook until we addressed his impressive tattoo collection. “I love tattoo talk! I have 12 years of tattoos all done by the same artist, Sweet Cicely Daniher in San Francisco,” he shares. Anyone with “sweet” in their name has to be amazing. They all have private meanings and most are [symbolic]. I do realize they are an armor or protection of sorts for me; people think I’m more bad ass than actually am.”

“Of course I love them; he’s a work of art,” Craig shares of his husband’s tattoos. ” I like to play Chutes and Ladders!” he says and winks.

Our favorite Newlyweds: The First Year couple left us with a sneak peek into this season. “Coming up on Newlyweds: The First Year… #surgery,” they share stoically. We can hardly wait to see what happens!

Don’t miss Newlyweds: The First Year, airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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