‘Newlyweds The First Year’ Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: “Freaking Out”

Newlyweds: The First Year's Adonis and Erica GladneyOn the second episode of Newlyweds: The First Year, Adonis and Erica Gladney get into a big fight before their wedding. Credit: Bravo

Stress is taking over as the Newlyweds: The First Year couples don’t see eye to eye. One bride-to-be isn’t speaking to her soon-to-be husband, and another is getting cold feet before leaving on a dream honeymoon.

On the January 6 episode, entitled “Two Mini-Moons and a Wedding,” viewers begin to see the newlyweds’ quirks and their insecurities. Let’s take a closer look at their relationships as we anxiously await the next episode…

Adonis & Erica Gladney: It’s two days before the wedding, and Erica isn’t speaking to Adonis. After a heated argument stemming from his promiscuous past, the bride-to-be storms off to a hotel to take some time to think. “I was hoping that confessing to Erica would help our relationship grow,” Adonis says. “My plan backfired.”

The couple has wedding guests flying in from out of town, and Erica doesn’t want to let them down by canceling the wedding. She admits to not wanting to be alone or losing her best friend. “I still don’t fully trust him,” she tells viewers, but after insisting they go to counseling together, she decides to go through with the wedding.

Erica is offended that Adonis’ polygamist father wants to bring his wife and one of his girlfriends to the wedding. “The hardest part about marrying Adonis,” she says, “is marrying into his family.” Despite their setbacks, the bride-to-be attempts to put the negativity behind her. “There’s no looking back,” she tells viewers. “I’m doing this, and I’m committing to this relationship.”

Adonis is following his fiance’s lead, stating he’s focusing on a “positive future” prior to the ceremony. But when there are not enough seats for his father and two guests to sit together at the reception, the couple gets into an argument.

Will this couple wing their marriage like they did their wedding vows? We can’t wait to find out, but we have a strong feeling this marriage is going to be one wild roller coaster ride.

Rob & Tara Radcliffe: As they pack for their honeymoon to Italy, Tara explains that she doesn’t like to fly. She suggests her husband increase their credit card limits, as she’s looking forward to shopping for Italian fashion. She’s still dwelling on the negative aspects of their wedding, but Rob encourages her to “focus only on the positive.”

Rob admits that he was excited to go on honeymoons with his two previous wives. But he acknowledges, “with Tara, I get the best of all worlds… great sex, passion, romance, fun.”

The new bride buys a bag full of supplements to help with her anxiety. Her husband explains that her nervousness stems from her parents. The night before the wedding, Tara’s OCD kicks into overdrive. She’s on the verge of a panic attack when she finally crawls into bed.

On the way to the airport, Rob is visibly excited, but Tara admits to “really freaking out.” Her husband tells her she needs to make a decision as to whether she can go through with the honeymoon, and she says, “I don’t think I can do this.” Rob turns around to drive back home, noticeably mad.

Brandon Liberati & Craig Ramsay: The new husbands drive off on a mini-moon camping adventure. “It’s camping romance,” Craig tells viewers, “and it’s a perfect way to combine a honeymoon and [Brandon’s] birthday.” He just knows his husband will love the experience, but when they pull into the campground, Brandon is worried. “There are no showers, no outlets… it’s a parking lot,” he says, as people stare at the couple. They put on tiny swim shorts and wade in the water, but Brandon is uncomfortable.

After calling it “the honeymoon from hell,” Brandon has a change of heart when Craig gives him his birthday gifts. The men open glow sticks, and the birthday boy makes a wish and gushes about his husband. “Craig is the only place in the world that I feel completely safe,” he says, “to be everything that I am.”

They leave the campsite the next morning, and Craig tells Brandon he’ll make up for the disastrous trip. They check into a nice hotel, and Craig carries his hubby over the threshold to their room.

“Now this is a honeymoon,” Brandon tells viewers, “a big bathtub, Craig, and bubbles.” The newlyweds take a bath, and then go out for dinner. Craig wants Brandon to change his name, but his husband wants to wait until they have kids. Brandon explains that he changed his last name to “Liberati,” as a sign of his liberation from his biological father. “It has nothing to do with my love or devotion for you,” Brandon tells his husband, but Craig is not convinced. He thinks Brandon has “a foot out” of their marriage, and he’s visibly upset.

Rob & Rochelle Brann: Due to their busy schedules, the couple decides to go on a mini-moon instead of a full-blown honeymoon. They spend a day at the beach, and they appear happy and in love. “We build each other’s energy,” Rob tells viewers. “The sky’s the limit.”

Although the “power couple” lives in New Jersey, they commute to New York City everyday. Their goal is to move into a NYC penthouse, but for now they’re settling on moving four stories up. Ro explains that they need a “big girl and big boy apartment” to “make a home.”

The couple chooses not to hire movers, and they do not see eye to eye during the big move. Rob is organized and regimented, while Ro prefers to throw everything into boxes haphazardly.

Rob admits that their strong personalities have led to many feuds. “There’s definitely competition between Rochelle and I,” he says, but he thinks it makes them stronger. “It’s about disputing,” he says of marriage, “then coming back together.”

In a heart-to-heart chat after they’re settled into their new apartment, Rob tells his new wife he’d like “more personal attention.” He acknowledges that he doesn’t want to “lose that lust for each other.”

Sneak Peek: On the next episode of Newlyweds The First Year, Adonis and Erica take off on their honeymoon while Craig and Brandon talk babies. Rob and Tara fight over finances, and Rob and Ro have a heated discussion about a potential job change.

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