‘Newlyweds The First Year’ Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: Rob, Tara’s “Family Bed”

Newlyweds the First Year's Rob and Tara RadcliffeNewlyweds' Rob and Tara Radcliffe snuggle up in bed with Tara's best friend Tai. Credit: Kim White/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Many people worry that marriage will result in an unimaginative love life, but one of the Newlyweds The First Year couples is making sure that doesn’t happen.

On the January 27 episode, entitled “A Very Modern Family,” one husband and wife are getting “frisky” with a friend, and our favorite Newlyweds husbands are talking boundaries, sperm count, and babies. If you missed the excitement, or just need a double take, read on. This is an episode that Newlyweds The First Year fans shouldn’t miss.

Rob & Tara Radcliffe: These Newlyweds are clearly still in the honeymoon period as they walk along the beach. Rob tells his wife she’s beautiful and just how much he loves her. “There’s no doubt that Rob and I have this crazy sexual chemistry,” Tara tells viewers. “I think that’s what gets us through the hard times.” She admits to enjoying their arguments, because she knows what’s to come afterward. “Who doesn’t like makeup sex, honestly?” she asks. As they continue to walk on the beach, they sing to each other and kiss.

The couple later meet Tara’s best friend, Tai, for dinner at a Persian restaurant, where a woman dances for them. “I like women,” Tara tells viewers. “I think women are attractive.” They all three appear to be enjoying the show. “Tai is not only my best friend, but she’s also the girl that I experienced my first girl-on-girl kiss with,” Tara explains. “She has a special place in my heart.” The Newlywed acknowledges that she was brought up in a very strict household, which caused her to rebel. She tells viewers that her parents would not agree with her current sex life.

After the threesome have a drink at Rob and Tara’s house, they all put on skimpy swimwear and get into the hot tub. Rob explains that any heterosexual man would love to be in his position. “My life doesn’t suck,” he tells viewers, and Tara confides that she believes women should always “take the lead” in a sexual relationship. “I’ve been with your fair share of women,” she says. Then the Newlyweds + one decide to go inside for “family bed.” Tara explains that they’ll all sleep together and “snuggle up,” as she winks for the camera.

Brandon Liberati & Craig Ramsay: As Brandon gives his husband a foot massage, they talk about the possibility that Craig may have a low sperm count. “Despite numerous donations, it still isn’t working,” he explains. Craig has attempted donating his sperm to his sister-in-law and her wife, so the women can have a baby. But because his efforts have been unsuccessful, Brandon tells him he needs to have his sperm tested. “We have this exchange going on,” Craig tells viewers. “I would donate now, and Bree would donate her eggs for our child, and then Cristal (Craig’s best friend) would be surrogate.”

Later Brandon surprises Craig with a red gift bag. He gives him two home sperm count tests, and Craig is appalled. The Newlyweds laugh and flirt while reading the instructions, but the mood in the room changes drastically when Craig finds out his sperm count is indeed low.

Craig later calls Cristal, his friend and future surrogate, to break the news to her. When he asks her if she would consider donating her own eggs, she agrees to help her best friend.

Brandon and Craig get ready for bed that evening, and Craig thanks his husband for making him feel better about the test results. But he strikes a nerve with Brandon when he tells him about his conversation with his BFF. “I don’t wanna feel like you’re married to Cristal,” Brandon says with annoyance. “She’s not your husband, so there still has to be the appropriate pecking order,” he goes on. Brandon tells his husband that he should have talked to him before reaching out to his friend.

“He’s referred to her as his sister wife,” Brandon tells viewers. “That’s just gross.” “It makes me feel resentful towards Cristal,” he admits, “and that’s not Cristal’s fault; that’s Craig’s fault.”

Rob & Rochelle Brann: The Newlyweds are packing for a trip to Floria to visit their friends and family. “Rob and I have been bickering a lot,” Rochelle explains, “because we’re allowing the stressors of life to really get in the way of the way that we usually communicate.” She’s annoyed that her husband is rushed to get packed. Rob is hoping that their time away will make the arguing stop.

Because it’s Rob’s birthday, they have decided to meet his parents in Tampa. Rochelle’s parents also live in Florida, 2.5 hours from Rob’s family. Later, Rob is shocked when he thinks he’s going to play golf with his dad, but all of his friends are at the driving range for his birthday surprise party which his wife planned.

Rochelle is missing Florida and thinks she may want to move back. “We’re a fun, young couple,” she says. “We forget that living in New York.” Rob is not open to moving, causing tension between the Newlyweds. “There’s a lot that Tampa doesn’t have that New York has,” he tells his wife. She asks him to keep an open mind, to which he replies they can discuss it “one day.”

Back in New York, Rochelle is missing home, telling viewers, “I’m seriously considering moving back to Florida.” Rob is not on board. “Let’s live in the present, and let’s leave the past where it is,” he says. His wife feels “trapped” in New York, but Rob admits he believes the urge to move is because she’s unhappy with her job. They continue to argue, and he tells his wife, “You know where the courthouse is.”

Adonis & Erica Gladney: The Newlyweds go to pick up Adonis’ Lamborghinis; he hasn’t had access to them since before his 13-months in prison. As he drives one of his beloved cars, he’s practicing the comedy act he will be debuting that evening. But the joke is on him when the convertible breaks down. “I’m honestly happy,” Erica admits of her husband’s misfortune, “because obviously those cars are meant to attract women. They represent Adonis’ player side.”

That night, Adonis performs his “cleaned-up” comedy act, which is all about his marriage. In a surprise twist, his dad shows up for the show, as he had planned to perform comedy, too. His act is about his polyamorous relationships, which makes his son and Erica uncomfortable. Later at home, Adonis attempts to discuss the situation with his wife, but she’s upset and turns over in bed, ignoring her husband’s invitation to talk.

Sneak Peek: It’s Thanksgiving for the Newlyweds The First Year couples! Adonis invites his dad to his home, and Rob and Tara visit her parents. Craig and Brandon continue to argue, and Rochelle reaches out to her dad.

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