‘Newlyweds The First Year’ Season 3 Finale: One Couple’s Baby News!

Newlyweds The First Year's Ro announces pregnancyOn the finale episode of Newlyweds: The First Year season three, Ro Brann revealed she is pregnant with her first child.

They did it! The Newlyweds: The First Year couples have made it to the one-year anniversary mark, but for some it was a close call! On the March 2 finale, entitled “How to Get Away with Marriage,” not all of the couples are seeing eye to eye, and one wife leaves her husband (again). Let’s take a final look at the season 3 Newlyweds as they enter their second year of marriage.

Rob & Rochelle Brann: In honor of their anniversary, Rob surprises Rochelle. He tells her he’s taking her to her favorite hotel in Soho as a last hurrah in New York. When the Newlyweds arrive at the upscale hotel, they have a breathtaking view of the city. Rob tells viewers he wants to “go out with a bang,” then promptly lays down; he’s exhausted.

Later that evening, the couple celebrate with champagne on the balcony outside their room. They toast to their future, but little do they know they’ll soon have so much more to celebrate!

At the end of the show, we find out Rob and Rochelle are expecting a baby! They’re excited to become a “power trio” in Florida.

Update: On March 2, Rob and Rochelle announced via Twitter that their baby girl, Arya, was born. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Newlyweds finale… with their beautiful newborn daughter. Congratulations!

Newlyweds The First Year Ro and Rob finding out pregnancy

In an extended scene on Bravo, Ro reveals to Rob she’s pregnant.

Adonis & Erica Gladney: This couple has had a difficult first year of marriage, and they’re tired of the ups and downs. Erica is struggling to find herself, and she feels she needs time away. “I’ve been with Adonis since I was 21, and I got married to him at 26,” she tells viewers, “so I feel like I haven’t really had time to figure out what I wanted in life.” After calling her sister, Erica decides she’s going to Seattle.

The Newlyweds sit together outside, and Erica is ready to talk. She explains to Adonis that she feels like she’s “lost” herself and that she’s going to Seattle. “I’m just a certain way with you,” she tells her husband, “and I just want time to, like, be me.” Adonis is confused, but Erica explains she’s ready to find herself. He asks her if she’s moving out, and Erica replies, “yeah.”

Adonis is playing video games on the couch as Erica is packing to leave. He walks out to the car to tell her goodbye, admitting to viewers that part of him wants to stop her from going. “I thought we made vows to be together forever,” he explains, “and somewhere along the way I missed something.” He kisses his wife and says he’ll miss her, but the moment between them is awkward. “It could be over,” Adonis tells viewers. “This could be the end.”

Before the finale wraps up, viewers learn that Erica returned from Seattle after two weeks. The Newlyweds have continued going to couples’ therapy, and they’re committed to making their marriage work.

Brandon Liberati & Craig Ramsay: Forget a traditional anniversary gift… the guys are getting “sugared.” Brandon explains that Craig requires some maintenance “down there” since he’s let himself go since being married. Brandon handles the uncomfortable situation quite well, but Craig seems shocked by the process. But both of the Newlyweds make it through the ordeal, and they’re ready to celebrate their first anniversary.

Craig is taking a follow-up sperm test after being on fertility medication. The Newlyweds go into the bedroom to retrieve a sample and come out precisely 4 minutes and 37 seconds later.

“You’re a man again!” Brandon tells his husband when they realize Craig’s sperm count is normal. They dance around, and Craig sings a catchy song about his swimmers.

Later, the Newlyweds are assembling swag bags for their upcoming anniversary party. “Not only are we celebrating us,” Brandon says, “but we’re celebrating gay marriage.”

Brandon’s sister, Bree, and Craig’s brother, Russell, arrive to celebrate with the Newlyweds. They all meet for drinks, and Bree pulls out a gift and gives it to Craig and Brandon. In a touching moment, the Newlyweds learn that Bree and her wife are expecting a baby.

The anniversary celebration takes place at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Angeles. There are live performances, lots of family and friends, and Craig and Brandon look simply blissful. They slow dance together to their wedding song, unmistakably in love with each other. Brandon tells viewers he has seen a change in Craig; he sees his “dedication.” “This marriage has healed me on so many levels,” Brandon says on camera.

At the end of the episode, we learn that Brandon’s sister, Bree, miscarried before the end of her first trimester. But the couple has already tried again, hoping she’ll be pregnant soon. We wish them the best!

Rob & Tara Radcliffe: Following the Newlyweds‘ argument about Tara’s family on the latest episode, Rob finds his wife in bed. He has taken time to reflect on the fight, and he’s ready to make amends. “I feel threatened by the fear of – could your parents influence you enough for us not to be together?” he admits to Tara. He explains that he overreacted. She’s relieved to learn that Rob is just as afraid of losing her as she is of losing him.

In order to get some individual clarity on Tara’s family situation, she spends the night with her sister while Rob visits a friend. Tara’s sister encourages her to “set boundaries” with her husband, and Rob’s friend explains to him that Tara’s parents’ views will never change.

Later, when the Newlyweds talk, Tara tells Rob that she needs him to stop being so judgmental. She wants him to resist talking about her parents. Rob acknowledges that he needs to “let it go.”

After being forced to leave while their house was renovated, the Newlyweds return home. Rob is feeling more relaxed, and Tara describes it as her “dream home.” As they reflect on their first year of marriage, they appear happy and in love.

Viewers learn, at the end of the show, that Rob spent last Thanksgiving with Tara’s family. Tara is thrilled and optimistic this is a “new beginning.”

Congratulations to the Newlyweds: The First Year couples. May your second year of marriage be magical!

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