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Newlyweds The First Year’s Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati: “It’s the Perfect Time to Start a Family”

Newlyweds The First Year's Craig Ramsay and Brandon LiberatiNewlyweds: The First Year's Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati talk about having babies with The Knot. Credit: Amanda Edwards/FilmMagic

Viewers are falling fast and furiously for the Newlyweds: The First Year participants. And while we love all of the season 3 couples, we’re particularly fond of Broadway performer turned fitness expert Craig Ramsay and celebrity hairstylist Brandon Liberati. Now, in an exclusive interview with The Knot, the handsome (and hilarious) Mr. and Mr. are talking romance, babies, and embarrassing moments.

While Craig is ready for kids right now, Brandon may not be convinced. “I always lead with my heart,” Craig tells us, “and now that we are legally married, my heart is telling me it is the perfect time to start a family… and Brandon isn’t getting any younger,” he jokes.

“I’m always down for some extra alone time,” Brandon adds. “My biological clock’s battery apparently died, because I am in no rush!”

Because Brandon has been so open about his difficult childhood, we were curious as to how his past may impact him becoming a father. “It’s terrifying!” he admits to The Knot. “I just think about the huge responsibility it is to be a dad, and seeing how irresponsible my biological father has been puts even more of a pressure on me and the importance of being a good parent.”

“I can tell you this,” Brandon adds with undeniable sincerity. “My children will be raised to love themselves and accept EVERYONE for who they are.”

So, how many babies do the Newlyweds want to have? “My Mom is a twin. I grew up seeing the wonderful bond that exists between twins and would like that for my children,” Craig shares. “I would like to dedicate my time and energy to those twins and don’t see having other children… but never say never,” he adds.

But does Brandon share Craig’s vision? “After a lot of thought, I do agree with Craig,” Brandon explains, “that if we are going to do this, it makes much more sense emotionally and financially to have twins.”

Both of the Newlyweds come across as caring and compassionate on the show, so we asked what they appreciate about each other. “I love how carefree and unguarded Craig approaches life,” Brandon tells us. As for what drives him crazy, “How carefree and unguarded Craig approaches life!” he repeats his answer with a laugh.

“I love how responsible Brandon is; he is a fantastic speller,” Craig tells us. “He’s good with money and finances. He can clean the apartment really well, [and] he is a pro at vacuuming and laundry.”

So, what drives him nuts about his hubby? “It also drives me CRAZY that he is almost perfect at EVERYTHING,” Craig continues. “He is almost always able to fall asleep and [he] snores, which keeps me up and makes it so difficult for me to get a good night sleep.”

Despite their undeniable ability to drive one another mad, the gents are madly in love. “Romance for me is a few nights in a beautiful Vegas suite with a big jacuzzi tub, a nice glass of wine, some adult fun with a ‘strip view,’ [and] an endless buffet dinner,” Craig tells us.

“We make sure that we still feel like we are dating each other,” Brandon adds. “Dates are spontaneous, and that is something that a lot of married couples forget to be. A rut is the kiss of death in a marriage. We still have date night every week!”

Newlyweds The First Year's Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati cuddling in bed

Newlyweds: The First Year’s Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati tell The Knot they try to have date night once a week to keep their marriage fun. Credit: Nicole Wilder/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Aside from their “honeymoon from hell,” we asked the Newlyweds about other awkward or uncomfortable situations they’ve found themselves in, and they didn’t come up short. “We have almost been run off the freeway,” Brandon recalls, “because of our ‘Just Married’ rainbow sign, [and] the man [driving] was calling us disgusting names. Awkward. Craig thought the guy was waving to us until that wave became apparent that it was just his middle finger.”

Craig made us laugh with his answer. “We locked ourselves out of our presidential wedding suite in our outdoor hot tub naked [at midnight] the night before our wedding,” the Newlywed remembers. “Brandon, being the beauty expert he is, had one seat cushion to make me a gorgeous skirt to hide my jewels and shuffle to the reception desk for help. The impromptu skirt even had a gorgeous side zipper slit on the side,” he adds with a laugh.

Fun and games aside, we were curious as to whether either of the Newlyweds have a jealous streak. “We are two men that are very sensitive,” Craig shares with The Knot. “I think the only time I experience jealousy is when I have to hear about Brandon’s past relationships. That drives me bonkers!”

“Because we are not a ‘bookend’ gay couple, we fortunately don’t experience competition between us, which I believe a lot of gay couples go through,” he adds. “I will say that me being a fitness expert and attracting some attention to my physique brings out Brandon’s insecurities, and he gets jealous from that. Not in a way that he expects or wants that attention, but rather when people disrespect our relationship and feel they have the right to say inappropriate sexual things about my body and business.”

“Jealousy for me would translate into insecurity,” Brandon admits. “If I am feeling jealous, it gives me the opportunity to look at myself and the situation and grow by asking myself questions and then communicating to Craig. Allowing myself to be vulnerable by talking about the situation ALWAYS shifts my feelings and gives Craig the opportunity to show me how caring and loving he is.”

Other than being a celebrity hairstylist who styles stars such as Giada DeLaurentiis of Celebrity Chef and Food Network Star, and Richard Kind of Spin City and Gotham, Brandon has a unique hidden talent. “In school, I was chosen to be on the national ‘Jump Rope for the Heart Team‘,” he says proudly. “I actually went to schools all over the state and did jump rope tricks and assemblies to show kids the importance of heart health. We were super official; we were totally sponsored by Adidas!” he laughs.

And Craig has an impressive talent of his own. “I’m a trained contortionist (extremely flexible) and [on] date number six I proved that to Brandon, which probably sealed the deal on this relationship,” he says with a wink.”I was also in several Broadway shows,” he tells us, adding to his admirable resume.

Lastly, we asked the men separately how their past relationships have shaped the men they are today. “My past relationships gave me the opportunity to work out most of my drama and insecurities,” Brandon shares. “They were all just giving me the practice I needed to be a secure and communicative husband in my marriage.”

“I was in a relationship with a Brazilian man who taught me a lot about passion and helped me come out to my family,” Craig recalls. “That relationship also helped me figure out what I wanted and didn’t want in a serious long-term relationship. I’m grateful for all my past relationships; [most] were good, some bad, but still valuable to get me to where I am today.”

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