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Newlyweds The First Year’s Craig Ramsay, Brandon Liberati Post-Finale Interview

Newlyweds Brandon Liberati and Craig RamsayNewlyweds' Brandon Liberati and Craig Ramsay talk with The Knot about what's next after the season finale. Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Newlyweds: The First Year fans may be sad the show has ended, but Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati aren’t going anywhere! The Newlyweds are sharing their thoughts on the finale with The Knot, and we prodded a bit to find out what exciting plans they have for the future.

The gentlemen celebrated their first anniversary on the Newlyweds finale, and we had a strong feeling there was much more excitement than viewers saw on TV. “It was WAY more exciting than what part was shown!” they acknowledge. “We had so many more amazing performers and guests than what you saw. Like, [Newlyweds, Season 1] Tina Sugandh, for example, serenaded us at 9 months pregnant (she literally was supposed to have given birth the day before) showing her exposed belly with a caution sign painted on it!”

“The gay couple that fought Prop 8 and won [were there],” they go on, “Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo introduced the evening, and the Mayor of West Hollywood, Lindsey P Horvath, who declared our anniversary ‘Fit and Phab Day’ and presented us with a proclamation from the city for all of our work and involvement with marriage equality. The performances were spectacular; we will be posting all of them on our YouTube channel.”

In preparation for the celebration, the Newlyweds assembled swag bags to give their party guests. Of course, we had to take a virtual peek inside. “The event was called ‘Signs of Visibility,’ Craig and Brandon share. “We raised money for same sex ‘just married’ signs (like the one Craig’s brother, Russ Ramsay of Grand River Signs, had on our vehicle), and signs for our straight allies who support marriage equality. We included bumper stickers in each of the bags, t-shirts from, “A Toast to Marriage” for marriage equality, Kiehl’s (who is a huge supporter of marriage equality) donated products. The HBO movie, The Case Against 8, featuring Paul and Jeff, and MPG Clothing workout gear. These are some of the companies that have supported us, and #loveislove,” they add.

On the Newlyweds finale, Brandon said, “Not only are we celebrating us; we’re celebrating gay marriage.” What do the men want people to know about gay marriage? “Most people don’t realize that even though marriage equality has passed federally, in most states in this country you can get married to your same sex partner on Friday and be fired on Monday from your job LEGALLY  for exercising this right,” they explain. “This is not about gay or straight; this is about governments denying ANYONE the right to be who they are, so supporting one another is our best defense.”

During the Newlyweds finale, viewers saw more of Craig and Brandon than ever before! Brandon called in a “sugaring” expert to clean things up “down there.” We asked the men if they cringed when they saw the scene on TV, and which was worse: the “sugaring” or watching the moment play out on-screen. “We didn’t cringe,” they laugh. “We laughed when we watched it! I think we would not be so ambitious next time and just ‘stick’ to the essentials and not go for the kit and ca-booty!”

Okay, so the “sugaring” experience didn’t make them cover their eyes, but it was the most embarrassing Newlyweds moment for their parents. “If you ask our parents, they were most embarrassed by us getting bro-zilians (the sugaring incident)!” they tell The Knot. “We don’t get embarrassed by much… obviously!”

After viewing the Newlyweds finale, Craig and Brandon were disappointed by what ended up being cut from the finale.”It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t our favorite episode, because there was so much more to it than what was shown,” they admit. “We were told that my sister was pregnant [and] that marriage equality passed and was federally legal. We [threw] an anniversary party celebrating #loveislove on the day the decision was announced with some of the most incredible and talented people we know. And then you’re told that Bree (Brandon’s sister) miscarried. All the heartfelt emotional footage – the joy, the tears, and pain were left on the cutting room floor.

Viewers are left wondering, will the  guys keep in touch with their fellow Newlyweds? “We have some genuine and amazing friendships – organically – with fellow Newlyweds like: Tina & Tarz and Blair Late from from Season 1,” they tell us, “Erik & Nadine Courtney and Kirk & Laura Knight from Season 2, and of course Rob and Tara Radcliffe from our season.”

Now that Newlyweds is finished, what’s in store for the dynamic duo?, “WORKOUT’S A DRAG! Our first Fit and Phab Production.” they tells us excitedly. “We have paired up with drag superstar, from Rupaul’s Drag Race, Pandora Boxx. It’s an effective fitness DVD with a twist… DRAG QUEENS! This is an interactive at-home workout experience for you and your friends (or bridesmaids) and includes some Phantastic fitness beauty tips like, ‘How to save your blowout from a sweaty workout!’ You can find @workoutsadrag on all social media platforms.”

Although there was no happy baby news on the finale for Craig and Brandon, the couple remain optimistic. “Everyone who has watched our journey with infertility and miscarriages, or who has gone through it personally knows how emotional it can be,” they acknowledge. “We will be updating everyone with our progress. You can keep up with us weekly about this and life’s many adventures on YouTube.”

To our favorite Mr. and Mr., wishing you the best! Cheers to a Phabulous future. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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