NFL Player Louis Murphy Got Locked Inside a Museum After His Former Teammate’s Wedding

Louis Murphy Wedding museumLouis Murphy attends the 4th Annual Giving Gracefully Awards Super Bowl Edition 2014 at The Cube at Riverpark on January 30, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for OMBI Group's 4th Annual Giving Gracefully Awards)

A real night at the museum! NFL player Louis Murphy locked himself in a museum after he had a little too much fun at his former teammate’s wedding on Friday, July 1.

Murphy was celebrating of Chicago Bears receiver Deonte Thompson when he found himself trapped inside the reception venue, the historic Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. The panicked Tampa Bay Buccaneers player ultimately resorted to dialing the police early Saturday, to get himself out of the nationally-recognized mansion.

Murphy was one of many groomsmen in the wedding of his former University of Florida teammate. The bridal party member told local police he had been drinking at the reception and had stepped into the museum’s courtyard when he fell asleep on the stairs. When he awoke, everyone was already gone and the doors were locked.


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His first attempt at escaping was to break the glass on one of the doors to get to a phone. Luckily he was able to call 911, prompting police to arrive at 1:12 am to free the trapped Murphy from the museum.

Murphy was not charged for the incident but according to the police report, he agreed to help cover the repair of the damages he’d caused during his escape route. Murphy accepted full responsibility of his actions Friday into Saturday after the wedding, sharing the following statement with ESPN:

“This was really a series of small unfortunate circumstances. With no one around, my only option was to break the small glass pane of the door in order to access a phone and call for help. I dialed the police and explained that I needed assistance. It’s unfortunate that I needed to break the glass, but the police officers on the scene and the museum staff acknowledged I didn’t have many other options. I’m working with the museum to ensure everything is properly handled.”

Talk about a wild night in a museum! Luckily, the incident didn’t impose any trouble on the bride Jourdan Neal and Thompson who’ve planned a honeymoon in the beautiful French Riviera.

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