Page Boy Interrupts Parents’ Wedding Saying “I Need to Poo”: Hilarious Video!

Hannah Leinert and Benny Leinert's son Hudson interrupts their wedding ceremonyHannah Leinert and Benny Leinert's son Hudson interrupts their wedding ceremony. Credit: Elevation Photography

In true toddler fashion, 3 1/2-year-old Hudson Lienert hilariously captured the attention of the entire crowd by hollering, “I need to poo” during his mother and father’s wedding ceremony.

Answering the question: what happens when a toddler needs to go to the bathroom during a wedding, Hudson let the bride, his mom Hannah Lienert and the groom, his dad Benny Lienert know exactly what he needed to do by interrupting the celebrant in this adorably candid viral wedding video.

In the video captured by videographer Captivate Films and shared on Youtube by the bride, Hudson is standing alongside his father as a page boy when the boy’s need to use the toilet overcomes his ability to stand and watch the wedding.

Hannah Lienert and Benny Lienert with their childres on their wedding day.

Hannah Lienert and Benny Lienert with their children on their wedding day. Credit: Elevation Photography

The Lienert’s officiant Amy Harrison shared their vows with the wedding guests saying, “When thinking, people conclude what are the real values in life and come back to decide what really matters-” when she was interrupted by the small, but mighty voice of Hudson notifying his father, “I need to poo!” To be fair, he did decide what really matters, and in that moment it was a trip to the restroom!

The bride’s reaction was that of pure surprise, her hand flying up to her mouth while her groom and the officiant share in a laugh. Hannah tells The Knot she was, “A bit shocked, and sort of looked around to see who could help us out!”

In a flash, “Hudson’s Aunty Gemma ran to the rescue and ran him off to the toilet,” Hannah said, adding, “She tried to run him into the nearest, which was the ladies, but Hudson told her off, so she had to run a bit further and take him to the men’s!”

Hudson Leinert's Aunty Gemma came to the rescue and ran him off to the toilet.

Hudson Leinert’s Aunty Gemma came to the rescue and ran him off to the toilet. Credit: Elevation Photography

Amy tried to carry on with the wedding ceremony but gave the couple and their wedding guests a moment to regain their composure by adding a few funny comments like, “I’m not going to repeat that!” and “That is the definition of being upstaged I reckon.”

Hannah, who was chuckling and asking “What just happened?” after her son’s interruption tells The Knot, “I could only laugh though, otherwise I think I may have cried. I thought I had planned for every possible situation, definitely forgot the pre-ceremony toilet stop!”

Hannah Lienert's bridesmaids react to Hudson's interruption

Hannah Lienert’s bridesmaids react to Hudson’s interruption. Credit: Elevation Photography

But, the show must go on, and Hannah and Benny who have been together for 5 and a half years finished up their lovely ceremony as husband and wife without any further bathroom breaks! The two were wed at the beautiful Chateau Tanunda in Barossa Valley, South Australia with Hannah dressed in form-fitting white lace wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline and trumpet from Australian designer Baccini & Hill, and Benny wearing a dark grey tuxedo and bow tie.

Benny Lienert and Hannah Lienert get married at Chateau Tanunda, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Benny Lienert and Hannah Lienert get married at Chateau Tanunda in Barossa Valley, South Australia. Credit: Elevation Photography

As the the bride captioned her Youtube video, now with over 34,000 views, “Children and weddings don’t always mix, but they sure know how to make them memorable,” and Hannah and Benny’s son Hudson surely created a memorable and hilarious moment!

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