Blizzard elopement couple

Couple Cancels Beach Wedding to Have Blizzard Elopement

Some brides just can’t pass up the chance to get married in the snow! When husband and wife photography team Adam and Sarah Mullins Photography were contacted by a Virginia bride just 4 days before her…

Geode wedding cake

Amethyst Geode Wedding Cake by Colorado Cake Designer Goes Viral

In a feat of fascinating geological and culinary expertise, cake designer Rachael Teufel has created an amethyst geode wedding cake that is rocking our world. The three-tiered mineral-inspired beauty was created by Intricate Icings Cake…

NYC Blizzard Proposal

Jonas Couldn’t Stop This Beautiful NYC Blizzard Proposal

Holy blizzard proposal, Batman! Despite the Jonas blizzard’s whipping winds and multiple inches of fast-gathering snow hitting New York City on Saturday, January 23, Nat Probert braved the weather to create a beautiful blizzard proposal…