People Are Sharing Heartwarming Stories on Twitter of How Their Parents First Met

NotebookGena Rowlands and James Garner starred in the 2004 film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' bestselling book. (Credit: New Line Cinema)

Everyone has their own How I Met Your Mother story, and it turns out that they’re pretty aww-inducing. On Tuesday evening, writer Nicole Cliffe, perhaps best-known as one-half of the team behind The Toast, posed a simple question to her followers: “How did your parents meet?”

The Internet, predictably, responded with some truly heart-melting stories.

“My dad got on the wrong bus and saw my mom, proceeded to keep taking the wrong bus for months to work up the courage to talk to her,” one user recounted.

“My mom didn’t want to go to a dance, but my grandpa said she should, bc you never know,” another wrote. “She met my dad & ditched her date. Married 44 years!”

Check out a few other sweet responses from Twitter users who couldn’t wait to share tidbits about their parents’ relationships: