Petco “Announces” Its First-Ever Wedding Planning Service for Pets

Pet lovers, rejoice. Petco is now offering an all-new service called “Furever Weddings” that will help pet owners around the country throw a special wedding ceremony for their furry pals.

The pet wedding coordination service will make available at Petco’s nationwide experts who can help assist with the planning, design, and execution of a pet’s big day through a variety of services, including:

Grooming: Petco certified specialists will make sure pets are in tip-top shape, not a strand of fur out of place, for their wedding day.

Dog Training: Experts in-store can help married pets-to-be with commands such as “heel” (helpful for those making their way down the aisle) to “sit” (great for the reception portion of the night).

Attire: Petco will be well stocked-up on all the pet clothes that will help to ensure brides, grooms, and wedding guests alike are all looking sharp for the big day.

This gallery slideshow will help hopeful owners with pets in love to see how else Petco can help them to plan their big day. But be sure to click through all the slides—the very last slide features a special offer from the beloved pet shop that’s sure to be a necessity on any pet’s wedding day… April Fool’s!

Though Petco’s “Furever Weddings” service unfortunately isn’t a real initiative, Petco is still very much dedicated to the well-being and happiness of every furry customer: throughout the month of April, Petco Pals members can look forward to $20 off their first full-service bath or bath and haircut, all the things any pet needs to look good on the regular.

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