Two ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Characters Got Engaged in the Dramatic New Episode

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An attack, a death, a breakup, and an engagement. Pretty Little Liars fans were exposed to an attack, a death, a split, and an engagement, all in the latest episode, which aired Tuesday, August 2. Here, The Knot uncovers all the details about the sequence of events, but beware: There are spoilers ahead!

The mysterious marriage proposal traces back to the epic cliffhanger from two weeks ago, when Ezra planned the perfect surprise proposal for his girlfriend, Aria, at The Brew. He freaked out Aria at first by texting Lucy Hale’s character to go to spot. Ezra then didn’t respond to her messages–something you just don’t do on PLL for obvious reasons–but in the end, his scheme was well worth it. Ezra professed his love and proposed to Aria in the center of a quiet space filled with flickering candles.

“It felt like the last flat stretch of a roller coaster ride comes to a stop – where your stomach’s flipping out and your knees are weak, but you can breathe again,” Ezra said as he proposed. “I want you in my life, Aria, for the rest of my life. I don’t ever wanna let you go.”

Aria, however, couldn’t bring herself to say yes to his proposal — until Tuesday’s episode.

Though Aria certainly loved her boyfriend (#Ezria?), the guilt from the hit-and-run and subsequent burial of Elliot/Archer was still vividly playing out in her mind. “I can’t promise Ezra forever when my future could be spent behind bars,” Aria told Hanna. How could a man like Ezra agree to marry a criminal like her?

Per Hanna’s guidance, Aria decides to tell her beau and let him decide if he wants to still marry a potential felon. After woefully sharing the entire story with her almost-fiance, Ezra seems only slightly disturbed at the news. With all the happenings of Rosewood over the years, his girl plummeting into Elliot/Archer (who may or may not be dead) in a car isn’t going to deter him from putting a ring on it.

Six years after making out in that bathroom, Ezra wasn’t going to let a little accidental manslaughter (maybe) get in the way of his husbandom. He proposed to Aria once again and this time, finally, she said yes!

Talk about partners in crime! Can’t you just picture their beautiful wedding decor being swapped out for handcuffs, orange jumpsuits, and a cake behind bars in some cruel I Know What You Did Last Summer joke? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens, and just who may turn up uninvited.

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