‘Pretty Little Liars’ Creator Says the Final Episodes Will Feature Multiple Weddings

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A bittersweet end is near for the Pretty Little Liars. After seven years of exposed secrets, twisted mysteries and tangled relationships, show creator I. Marlene King is promising multiple weddings before the series finale airs on June 27.

“We’ve always said that there was going to be at least one wedding, but I can promise you that in the next three episodes, there will be two more weddings on the show,” King revealed during a panel interview at ATX Television Festival this week (via Entertainment Weekly).

While there’s no word yet as to which characters will walk down the aisle, the show’s costume designer Cameron Dale worked diligently (and secretly!) to pull-off the hush-hush nuptials.

“It was scary!” Dale said. “It’s so secret—I was trying to talk to designers and I was like, ‘I can’t say anything!’ I’m just always so scared to reveal anything.”

Along with being tasked to find the perfect bridal gowns, Dale had multiple wedding parties to consider. “Some wore bridesmaids’ dresses,” the designer noted.

Pretty Little Liars proposal

Although it’s uncertain whether the final scene will involve a wedding, it’s a definite possibility. “These ladies that you’ve grown to love, they came to us and they asked us if the last scene of the last day of the last episode, they could all be in the last shot,” executive producer Lisa Cochran-Neilan said. “It will be my favorite moment because everybody was there. It was very late—or shall I say very early in terms of time—but I will tell you that there was a sincere feeling of closure at that moment. Everybody was there. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place.”

Cochran-Neilan went on to explain that it was very important for the show’s stars to end the series as a group, and King followed up with a shout-out to fans. “We built something very special and you guys are all a part of it,” she concluded. “The show won’t air after three more episodes, but we’ll always have this. All of us.”

The Pretty Little Liars finale airs Tuesday, June 27, at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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