Property Brothers’ Drew Scott and Linda Phan Tell Us Why They Went With an Unconventional Wedding Registry

drew scott linda phanDrew Scott and Linda Phan in their new home. (Courtesy of Property Brothers)

The countdown to Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s wedding is officially on. Leading up to the HGTV couple’s highly-anticipated nuptials, the bride and groom—as well as their loved ones—will share the biggest concerns and hurdles they’ve encountered while wedding planning, as well the most heartwarming moments from the once-in-a-lifetime journey exclusively with The Knot. Follow along with the couple as they #EnjoyTheJourney and continue to inch closer down the aisle.

Long before we even talked about the wedding location, color scheme or even setting the date, one of the first planning details that we agreed upon was nixing the traditional wedding registry.

We didn’t necessarily have the conversation about whether we wanted a charity registry, but instead, we started with the cause we wanted to most highlight with our wedding day.

Drew and I share a mutual passion for finding and creating ways to give back [to the community]. We both fiercely believe that we, as humans, are on this planet to help one another. Last August, we embarked on a trip to Kenya with Me to We. Upon our return, we started collaborating with the team to figure out which area of the organization we wanted to direct our efforts.

The answer was water.

With our wedding, we’re raising money to provide water to 50,000 people. It’s truly unbelievable how many civilians around the world are without access to clean water, which impacts the physical health of a populace, and with it, the educational and economic resources offered within that community as well.

drew scott linda phan

Drew Scott and Linda Phan during their Me to We trip. (Courtesy of Property Brothers)

Offering a family clean water creates opportunity for girls to go to school. (They would, otherwise, spend their time walking to and from water sources for several hours a day). With an education, these same girls have the opportunity to give back to their communities, creating a positive cycle that uplifts them from out of poverty.

The fact that we’re highlighting water is a bit of a throwback too! (No, seriously!) Drew’s pickup line to me was: “Oh. So clever. Where’d you get that water?”

Our hope is that our wedding guests and fans alike will not only be inspired by our love for each other. Even more, we want them to be encouraged by our love of making a difference—as a team.

One of my first dates with Drew involved a charity event. He was flipping pancakes for a cause to raise awareness and funds to combat child hunger. (Can you say, Swoon?!)

—Linda Phan (as told to Esther Lee)

For more details, visit is an organization that makes doing good, doable. Also check out The Knot Gifts Back if you’re interested in giving back to the local and international community. 

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