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Randy Houser “Fired Up” for Wedding: I Wrote Our First Dance Song!

Randy Houser and Tatiana Starzynski engagement photosRandy Houser and Tatiana Starzynski flew to California to take their engagement photos at Vasquez Rocks. Credit: The Grovers Photography

“Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” country singer Randy Houser proposed to his girlfriend Tatiana Starzynski last May and the couple are now less than a month away from their May 4 wedding date! The romantic crooner and his bride-to-be chatted exclusively with The Knot on how their love story began, and the fun they’re having leading up to their spring wedding.

Houser and Starzynski met through fellow singer-songwriter and friend Dallas Davidson who had married Starzynski’s sister, Natalia. When Starzynski came to visit the United States upon the birth of her nephew Dallas Davidson, Jr., Houser told The Knot, “We met and fell in love instantly and haven’t been apart since.” He added, “We each feel a little lost without the other half around.”

The couple’s engagement last year was nothing flashy or even planned, but it was “perfect for us,” Houser told The Knot, sharing how he proposed in their home. “I knew she wasn’t into a huge public proposal and I’m not, either. We were watching movies and I realized it was just the right time, so I walked to the closet and came back with the ring and got down on a knee and asked her.”

Houser presented Starzynski with a brilliant cut stone engagement ring with princess cut diamonds on the band. “Her ring is amazing. I saw the band and it screamed at me,” the “We Went” singer told The Knot. “Her ring size wasn’t typical and when I asked the salesman what size it was and he told me, I knew I had the right one, so I selected the perfect stone as the centerpiece. I couldn’t wait to put it on her hand!”

The groom, who released his fourth album titled “Fired Up” in March told The Knot that finding great wedding photographers was very important to the couple. “We waited awhile to have our engagement photos taken because we wanted to find the perfect wedding photographers to also shoot our engagement,” Houser said, adding, “We met the Grovers through mutual friends and knew they were the ones.”

Houser and Starzynski flew out to Agua Dulce, California to shoot their engagement photos with at the Vasquez Rocks. “For me, photo shoots are usually my least favorite thing to do,” the groom told The Knot. He shared that his most memorable moment from the day, “is the comfort I felt having Tatiana be there and be part of it, right by my side.”

Though the “Song Number 7” country singer shared with The Knot that there’s no definitive theme for the couple’s May 4 wedding in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, the couple have been working together with a wedding planner to create the perfect day that pulls from both their passions.

“We want the day to feel like ‘us,’” he said. “Many times I’ve seen weddings only reflect the bride’s tastes and I truly feel represented in our wedding. It feels really nice.”

Though he does not plan on singing at the wedding, Houser exclusively shared with The Knot, “I did write and record something for our first dance.” He added, “Tatiana hasn’t heard it yet and she won’t until the day of.” How romantic!

As for the bride-to-be, Starzynski took a break from wedding planning to celebrate with some of her besties telling The Knot, “While Randy was away on his bachelor trip we decided to combine a bachelorette and bridal shower into one day.”

Tatiana Starzynski Bridal Shower
Tatiana Starzynski Bridal Shower
Tatiana Starzynski Bridal Shower
Tatiana Starzynski Bridal Shower


Calling herself “a bit of a health nut,” Starzynski shared with The Knot how her bridesmaids kicked off the day with a fun bachelorette party that fit her tastes in both food and physical activity. “We started with a private boxing class at Title Boxing, followed by a raw, vegan lunch at Avo,” she said. The bridal crew followed it up with pampering, all getting manicures and pedicures, “and then we went to the Dry House for blowouts and make-up!”

Tatiana Starzynski Bridal Shower

Credit: Justin Mrusek

Once the bride-to-be was all dolled up she said, “My bridesmaids had then arranged a beautiful intimate bridal shower dinner with some of my closest girlfriends,” for a perfect end to the celebratory day.

As the couple prepare what we expect will be a stunning, romantic, and country music-filled festival of a wedding, Houser said of his bride-to-be, “I love absolutely everything about her, but if I had to pick one thing, it’s her ability to make me feel loved.”

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