‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Season 4 Finale Recap: Morgan and Brendan Marry in Emotional Wedding

#RichKids of Beverly Hills' Morgan Stewart's wedding#RichKids of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart married Brendan Fitzpatrick on May 7. Credit: Lucas Rossi Photography

Married at last! Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick got married on the Season 4 finale of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which aired Sunday, June 19. The Knot first gave viewers a first look at the couple’s special day after their May 7 nuptials, and fans who tuned in to the episode on Sunday were greeted with plenty of pre-wedding drama. Here, we recap every TV-worthy moment from the episode.

Confronting the Bride-to-Be

Morgan is in awe that so many family members and friends are attending her bridal shower – but she can’t fully enjoy the festivities due to a conflict with her friend Dorothy.

“I really want her to be there for these once in a lifetime events,” the bride-to-be pouts. She’s concerned that the feud will result in Dorothy not being part of her wedding party.

Along with her friendship woes, Morgan realizes she has put all of her focus on her upcoming wedding and not the actual marriage. “I’m really worried about fun, spontaneous Morgan going away,” she admits. But the soon-to-be bride is solving one problem at a time. She schedules a dinner date with Dorothy to try to make amends.

After Dorothy confronts her friend, Morgan doesn’t know what to say. She’s admittedly never been called out on her actions before, and she admits she kind of likes it. Dorothy calls Morgan out on hurting people’s feelings. She’s quick to tell the bride-to-be that the two of them are nothing alike. Eventually the ladies make-up, and Dorothy agrees to be in the wedding.

The “Mental Breakdown”

Morgan is shocked when she learns that Brendan ordered a luxury tent for their wedding reception. Despite the typically dry Beverly Hills weather, rain is expected on their wedding day. With only a week until they say “I do,” Morgan is completely overwhelmed. She tells her soon-to-be husband that she’s having a “mental breakdown.”

While lingerie-shopping with E.J., Morgan agrees to go to New York with him for a much-needed break before the wedding. Brendan is clearly annoyed, but Morgan goes anyway.

A Beverly Hills Wedding

The day has arrived! Brendan and his groomsmen arrive for the wedding in a helicopter “James Bond-style.” He grapples with a range of emotions, and fears he’ll cry during his vows.

Morgan and Brendan have gone great lengths to ensure their guests’s attention will solely be on them. The officiant announces that photos and videos are not allowed – along with social media.

“This is the one moment I’ve cared about from day one,” Brendan says as Morgan makes her way down the aisle. Her custom Badgley Mischka crop top wedding dress fits her perfectly.

“Walking down the aisle towards Brendan is the most special moment I’ve ever had in my entire life,” Morgan tells #RichKids viewers. When she arrives at the altar, Brendan tells her she’s beautiful – and soon she has tears in her eyes.

“We’ve been through some tough times,” Brendan begins his vows, “but even when things seemed bad, they were far from it, because we were together – and I had you by my side.”

“I don’t want another good day or bad day without you being a part of it,” he continues. “I am and will forever be your biggest fan.”

Moved to tears, Morgan reads her vows to her husband-to-be. “Brendan, thanks for showing up,” she starts, making their guests laugh. “Thank you for being the best person I’ve ever met. Thank you for taking me as I am and somehow needing no instructions. How you’re able to keep up with my ever-changing moods and opinions is something I will never understand – and will never challenge.”

“Thank you for being the best friend I’ve ever had and teaching me about what it means to be a friend,” she continues. “You have elevated me in every way, and there is no opinion I value more than yours. I promise to love you for the hypochondriac that you are, and always take snap time into account.”

“I promise to embrace your neediness and try to put my phone away as much as possible – unless I need help with my Instagram…” Morgan laughs. “I promise to be the best wife I can be and an even better teammate. I couldn’t imagine my life without you, and there is no other person I would wanna go through the bad, the good, and the ugly with. I look forward to a life of happiness, more laughter, and great outfits,” she finishes giggling.

After exchanging rings, the newlyweds kiss and are announced for the very first time as “Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick.”

At the reception, Morgan and Dorothy air kiss and officially make amends. During their first dance, Morgan reflects on the last 3.5 years she’s spent with Brendan – and she tells #RichKids viewers that she’s thankful every day.

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