Runaway Flower Girl Darts Behind Bride and Groom as They Exchange Vows: “The Guests Just Lost It,” Says Wedding Videographer

Runaway Flower Girl Bride Groom

Runaway flower girl! Australian couple Katie and Tom Quirk’s wedding was halted mid-ceremony when a 3-year-old flower girl named Chloe stole the show with a sprint! Wedding videographer Annette Burgess of Burgess Video opens up to The Knot in an exclusive interview about capturing the hilarious moment when the toddler took off running.

“From the minute I arrived at the bride’s hotel, I knew the day would be a ripper,” Burgess tells The Knot. “Chloe’s runaway antics really summed up this wedding day, the whole day was such a laugh!”

At the beautiful wedding at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, Australia, friends and family gathered for the bride and groom to become husband and wife, when suddenly their young niece, flower girl Chloe darted behind the couple with Tom’s sister on her heels.

Chloe decided to make a run for it behind the altar “At the most pivotal moment, during the vows!” Annette tells us. “I was filming Katie and I saw Chloe sneak out behind me a few minutes earlier, I wondered what might happen.”

As the super stealth toddler snuck out from her place in the crowd her mother, the bride’s sister-in-law, took everything she had to quickly catch up with her without making a scene. “I didn’t hear anything, I think she was probably trying to stay as quiet as possible,” the wedding videographer recalls, but with Chloe’s path directly behind Katie and Tom, a scene was certainly made by the runaway flower girl.

As a look of shock and a huge grin crept across the bride’s face Annette shared that the wedding guests couldn’t hold back. “The guests just lost it, cracking up,” she tells The Knot, “particularly since it was such an intense moment in the ceremony.”

Luckily the entire wedding party, attendees and the bride and groom themselves were blessed with a great sense of humor, and the quick moment was captured effortlessly by the Burgess Video team.

(Photo courtesy of Annette Burgess / Burgess Video)

(Photo courtesy of Annette Burgess / Burgess Video)

With three cameras at the ready, Annette and her second shooter Daniella were filming the bride and groom’s reactions from various angles while an “unmanned camera in the middle,” captured the runaway flower girl.

“As soon as it happened I thought of the unmanned camera thinking it would make a great Benny Hill moment,” Annette says, channeling the English comedian famous for his wild chase scenes. “I checked the footage after the ceremony and had a great laugh.” Even still, the fun didn’t end there!

Annette says the humorous hijinks continued well after the couple’s vows, “There were a lot of dance floor antics,” says the artist. Sharing another video clip that spanned their entire wedding the wedding videographer captured the Australian bride jumping on the bed with her bridesmaids and sharing lots of laughs with her new husband. “Katie even accidentally threw her bouquet into the ceiling – where it was stuck – at the end of the night,” Annette adds.

As for the runaway flower girl Chloe, The Knot is happy to report that she’s since been caught, and the wedding went on without a hitch aside from a few uncontrollable giggles and lots of love-filled memories.

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