Salma Hayek on Francois-Henri Pinault Marriage: It’s ‘My Biggest Accomplishment’

salma hayek henri pinaultSalma Hayek opened up about her high-profile marriage to Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, calling it her "biggest accomplishment" in life. (Credit: Max Abadian / Red Magazine)

Merci to marriage! Actress Salma Hayek opened up in a new interview about her marriage to luxury mogul François-Henri Pinault, calling it her “biggest accomplishment” in life.

The Tale of Tales actress shared with Red UK that despite her many roles — acting, executive-producing Ugly Betty and leading a beauty brand — she’s prioritizing her marriage to Pinault and their family life with 8-year-old daughter, Valentina.

“Sex is not the key to a happy marriage, but it’s a side effect,” the Frida star, 50, told the magazine of her 7-year marriage. “Although not every day! If it’s every day then it loses its charm. It’s so important to maintain your chemistry.”


She went on to share what’s most important in her marriage. “You have to continue to laugh, continue to explore, continue to have fun with each other, continue to have romance,” Hayek dished. “A good marriage, full of love, is my biggest accomplishment. Home is where my husband is. He is home. Everything outside of the family nucleus is an adventure that you’re living together.”

The Mexican-born actress and Kering CEO Pinault, 54, first met in 2006. They married in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2009, followed by a lavish, star-studded ceremony for their celebrity friends and family members. Roughly 150 people were in attendance for the event, including well-known names like Charlize Theron, U2’s frontman Bono, Penélope Cruz, Woody Harrelson, Edward Norton, and even former French President Jacques Chirac.

Along with wife to Pinault, Hayek is stepmom to Pinault’s three children from his previous marriage and mom to their girl, Valentina. “I had a child late in life,” she said. “In Tale of Tales, I identified with my character’s desperate desire to have a child, and maybe feeling that you could never be happy or complete, that your life is not complete, without this. I’ve had that yearning, that longing, and that pain… I always wanted to have a lot of children, and I was not able to. My body, as a miracle, had one. The huge blessing I’ve had is that my husband has three other children. So I have four. And they are all SO different.”

salma hayek husband red

Salma Hayek opened up about her high-profile marriage to Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, calling it her “biggest accomplishment” in life. (Credit: Max Abadian / Red Magazine)

Lately, she’s focused on parenting… without gadgets and gizmos aplenty. “I try to be with Valentina as much as possible, even when I’m working,” Hayek revealed to Red. “She was with me on the cover shoot and she felt like a participant – she wasn’t just sitting there on the iPad. This is so important. You have to drag children into participating in life. It takes a lot of work and mummies are very tired because most of us work and life is exhausting, especially if you are an older mom like me, but you have to make the effort. And if you have a smart child, it’s harder. Now it’s so easy to just entertain them (with a screen), and you don’t have to go through the complaining for an hour about dragging them places. Drag them, and make them a part of your life. It’s about the human connection, and the things they can learn from participating in life. Otherwise, isolation starts to happen.”

salma hayek marriage

Salma Hayek opened up about her high-profile marriage to Kering CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, calling it her “biggest accomplishment” in life. (Credit: Max Abadian / Red Magazine)

Outside of family life, Hayek also revealed what brings her joy. “I am happiest when I am creating. Oh, that gives me such pleasure!” she exclaimed. “I think every woman is a creative being and a lot of women don’t get to be happy because they don’t have a creative outlet. Or women waste time obsessing about fashion, or their weight, or their children, which is all about image. We were born to create. Even if you don’t think you have the talent in you, imagination and creativity is a very strong part of being a woman, and you have to find a way to explore it. I’ll tell you why: we are the creators of life.”

Part of this process is rejecting the idea of perfection. “Happiness cannot be perfect. Perfection is a mirage,” she mused. “If you have a vision of perfection, when you take the road to get there, if you learn in the road, then when you arrive you will see it’s not perfection. Perfection can damage beauty, it can damage art, it can damage growth. Happiness cannot have this title of perfection.”

The full interview appears in the July issue of Red, which hits stands Friday, June 3.


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