‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Season 14 Finale Preview: Randy Clashes With a New Consultant

Say Yes to the Dress TLC

Say yes to distress. Randy Fenoli, the face of Kleinfeld Bridal, may have some friendly competition on Say Yes to the Dress.

In an exclusive preview of the upcoming Season 14 finale of the TLC show, the upscale bridal boutique welcomes a new face — and this person snubs Randy’s offer to help. Here, The Knot gives fans a sneak peek of the finale airing Friday, June 24.

Shay, the newest consultant to join the upscale bridal boutique, assists a young woman named Heather, who’s visiting the store just to try on dresses. Heather is not engaged — yet — and has no idea that her boyfriend has plans to propose in the boutique.

“I’m gonna get you a dress so smokin’ that he needs to go get a ring tomorrow,” Shay tells Heather as he gives her an exaggerated high-five. As he hunts for the perfect wedding dress, the bride-to-be has no idea what’s unfolding behind-the-scenes.

“So, she thinks she’s playing dress up,” Shay says in the clip – amused that he’s in on the secret proposal. “I’m kinda nervous. This is a big… big thing!” he adds as he looks for dress options.

“I need a fit-n-flare, mermaid, lace… what am I gonna pull?” Shay questions himself. Just then, Randy walks in, ready as always to help a consultant in need.

“Hi! you need some help?” Randy asks in the preview. Shay is clearly surprised. “Did I scare you?” Randy asks in amusement.

Say Yes to the Dress TLC


But Shay’s confidence doesn’t even waver. “Hi, Randy. There you go again,” he laughs. The tension between the men is unmistakable. It’s obvious they’ve met previously.

“Well, I have a bride… a surprise proposal,” Shay shares with the bridal expert.

“Oh, I’ve done a lot of those. They’re fun,” Randy responds without skipping a beat.

“Oh, you’ve done a few? Okay,” Shay seems unimpressed.

“Yeah, quite a few,” Randy fires back — but the new guy isn’t taking the hint.

“Randy, I make girls look beautiful for a living, so I think I got this,” Shay says to the bridal boutique’s standout personality. “But thank you.”

Meanwhile, Heather awaits Shay’s consultation while her boyfriend, Jonathan, is tense in preparation for his surprise proposal.

Say Yes to the Dress TLC

“I’ve been nervous since I woke up this morning,” Jonathan acknowledges. “She has no idea at all. She’s totally clueless.”

Will Heather say yes to the dress, and to her boyfriend’s proposal? Will Randy and Shay join forces or continue their bridal pro stand-off? Watch the preview above, and don’t miss the season finale of Say Yes to the Dress, airing Friday, June 24 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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