This Heartwarming Short Film is Making Everyone Cry Happy Tears

Short Film is Making Everyone Cry Happy Tears

The internet is enamored with a new short film featuring a young boy who is falling in love with an unsuspecting male classmate. In a Heartbeat, the 4-minute short produced by Ringling College students Beth David and Esteban Bravo, manages to pack a menagerie of emotions, from fear of rejection to the joy of having one’s most vulnerable feelings reciprocated, into just a few non-verbal scenes.

In the film, the closeted young man attempts to hide his feelings and his beating heart, which jumps out of his chest on a mission to reveal his true feelings. Although the boy tries to retrieve the heart, his crush and other students soon realize he’s smitten. At one point, the two young men are literally playing tug-of-war with the heart as their classmates whisper around them. Eventually, the heart is broken in two.

Later, the boy is clearly devastated as he holds half of his heart and hides from his classmates. As his crush walks by, the boy is bashful. But when he returns the broken piece, a look between the young men shows the undeniable love between them.

The heartwarming film was selected for the 2017 Animation Shorts Film Festival and the 2017 LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival. Since its YouTube debut on July 31, the short has reached nearly 6 million views.

See the sweet film above.

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