Four Sisters Staged a Shoot in Their Wedding Dresses to Honor Their Single Mom

(Ashley Sargent Photography)

Why have one wedding dress when you can have four? Four sisters from Alabama wanted to honor their mom with the ultimate thank-you gift just one week before the final sibling, Nikki, was set to walk down the aisle.

The girls could think of no better way to celebrate their single mother, Terri McCaffrey, than with a photo shoot showcasing each of their dresses. So last month, the women—Nikki, Amber, Kasey and Skylar—donned their gowns and tromped into the woods for a pre-wedding shoot that involved just them, a few props and a lot of love.

“Amber, the oldest sister, and I have been friends for about a year,” photographer Ashley Sargent tells The Knot. “We go to church together. She told me their idea and wanted me to help create it. I love a fun, unique spin on a photo shoot and this was definitely unique!”

In the images which have since gone viral, the four sisters posed in classic stances (with their arms around each other, huddled together with bright smiles) and some experimental ones (with each sister holding a prop representing her personality).

(Ashley Sargent Photography)

Amber, who was the first to get married in 2005, hadn’t worn her wedding dress since then, and Kasey and Skylar had gotten married not that long after that, so getting the perfect shot involved “a little creativity and the right posing,” Sargent tells us.

“Fitting into the gown would be difficult for any woman even after a year of marriage, but we made it work … and they looked amazing!” she says.

Sargent explains that she found the perfect spot for the shoot—a “forest” location she had run across recently—and set about making sure that the day went off without a hitch.

(Ashley Sargent Photography)

“We shot in the last few minutes before dark and we were quickly losing light, so this was done in about 20 minutes or less,” Sargent says of the images. “Posing was also a bit different! I’m used to weddings with a bride and groom, but not four girls in a dress! But it was fun [and] I love a challenge and wanted to make sure they were each highlighted in their own way.”

“The girls were recording messages to their mom showing her the behind-the-scenes and that was super sweet,” Sargent says. “You could definitely tell they appreciate their mama… I photographed their entire family last fall and could tell they are all a super close, loving family.”

With regards to all the attention that the photo shoot has been getting, Sargent says she and the sisters are all shocked.

“It’s insane all the media reaction from this!” she says. “We joked saying it would be cool if it got on Ellen, but in all seriousness never expected it to go any further than our small town. But it’s been exciting!”