Stephen Colbert Tricks Olivia Munn’s Mom With Engagement Congratulations Text

Olivia Munn on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertOlivia Munn talked engagement rumors on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Olivia Munn knocks her engagement rumors out of the park with yet another hilarious exchange involving her mother and this time, Stephen Colbert, too.

The Ride Along 2 star paid a visit to the The Late Show on Thursday, January 14 to promote the action comedy sequel, and found herself denying the rumors that she and the Green Bay Packers’ starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers were engaged.

“I heard a rumor that you’re engaged,” Colbert inquired. “I want to spread a rumor that I congratulated you.”

The actress quickly dismissed the rumor stating, “No we are not engaged—at all.”

The Late Show host then tried to speed things along for the couple, turning to the camera saying, “Aaron, are you watching? I know you are. Step up to the plate. And I know that’s not your sport, but you understand the metaphor.”

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn addresses engagement rumors to Aaron Rodgers on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

But not everyone was as swift in ignoring the rumors Munn said “some magazine decided to say one day,” and even her mom found herself susceptible to believing what was being said about her daughter and Rodgers. A tip that Colbert ran with once he got his hands on Munn’s cell phone.

“My mom believed it and that’s when it just got too much for me,” Munn told Colbert. “The only way I knew how to dispel the rumors was to use my mother and her text conversation with me.”

The actress pulls out her phone to refer to the text messages she exchanged with her mom, Kim, telling her that the rumors of the engagement were false. “You know you shouldn’t believe the gossip on the internet,” she replied to her mom.

Munn shared the hilarious engagement rumor shutdown on her Instagram account on Tuesday, January 12 to prove once and for all that she and her boyfriend Rodgers were still just dating.

In the message to her mom, her mother mentions Colbert writing, “I see you going to be on Kelly and Michael show… And Colberto too! Oh man you see everyone I love.”

After reading the messages aloud to Colbert, the host takes her phone and, with the actress’ permission, texts her mother, “Kim colberto here. So happy for the engagement!”

Though Munn’s mother didn’t respond in time to make it on air, the actress posted another Instagram photo of the exchange in which her mother responds, “Hey, olivia, did you sent me this text, I don’t know what you mean.”

Munn captioned the photo “Stephen Colbert, I mean Stephen Colberto, texted my mom during the taping of tonight’s Late Show and now she’s all confused again. Smh.”

Colbert did issue an apology to the actress and her mom on Twitter later on writing, “Sorry Olivia Munn’s mom #LSSC,” but Munn wasn’t going to let him off that easy.

The actress, who will be gracing the big screen as the purple-clad, katana-wielding superhero Psylocke in X-Men: Apocolypse this summer slyly tweeted back, “She accepts your apology and your generous cash gift.”

Ride Along 2 starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart can be seen in theaters today, while Munn’s next projects, including Zoolander 2 and X-Men: Apocolypse are scheduled for release in February and May, respectively.

We can’t deny that these exchanges are hilarious, but hopefully when Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers do get engaged – we’re hopeful – they make it very clear to the world, and especially her mother!

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