Sugarland’s Kristian Bush Writes ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Theme Song “Forever Now”: Music Video Sneak Peek!

Kristian Bush singing Say Yes to the Dress theme songWatch an exclusive sneak peek of Kristian Bush's new music video for "Forever Now" featured as the theme song of Say Yes to the Dress. Credit: TLC

Say Yes to the Dress is coming back to Kleinfeld’s tomorrow night with more beautiful brides, stunning designer wedding dresses, and some incredible surprises – including an all new theme song written by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush!

We got our hands on a sneak peek at the “Forever Now” music video, and as we await the 14th season of SYTTD to debut, Bush discussed the inspiration behind the new song “Forever Now” exclusively with The Knot.


Appearing on Say Yes to the Dress later in the season with his bride-to-be friend Evyn, Bush told The Knot, “I was invited to be a guest because I wrote a love song called ‘Light Me Up’ for my first solo album, and it was getting some attention as a first dance song at weddings.”

Stemming from the rising popularity of “Light Me Up,” Bush said, “I got to bring one of my friends who works with me, Frank, and his fiancee, Evyn, to pick out her dress.” It was his first time witnessing the wedding dress shopping experience and though he knew about Say Yes to the Dress from living in Atlanta, Georgia the country singer confessed, “I had not seen the show.”

But as we’ve seen from the show, shopping at Kleinfeld’s is in a world all of its own, and Bush told The Knot, “Honestly, I had never seen anything like it. I was surprised and dizzy and overwhelmed and scared and wide-eyed. I didn’t know that something like Kleinfeld even existed.”

Luckily Bush was given the best of service, making it easy for him to capture the wonderment that is wedding dress shopping. “I guess I am naive when it comes to the culture of wedding dresses, so I had an amazing time being led around and taught every piece of the process. I enjoyed it,” he said. While we’ll have to wait and see which dress Evyn says “yes” to, we do get to hear Bush’s brand new theme song on the SYTTD premiere on Friday!

Beginning the songwriting process for “Forever Now” which was inspired by his visit to Kleinfeld Bridal with Frank and Evyn, Bush told The Knot, “I’ve started calling that place ‘a warehouse of hope.’ There were so many dreams that were coming true around me, all at the same time.”

“As a songwriter, it was intoxicating, seeing the very intimate experiences of strangers looking for the right dress to face the mystery of the rest of their lives,” he said, “I realized as I sat down to write the song that each of those women was ready for their ‘forever.'”

But despite being a platinum-selling country music star both solo and with the incredible fame of Sugarland, the musician still has his nerves telling The Knot, “I am a bit nervous, because I have no idea what it’s like to be a bride! I hope the song feels like a celebration and an anthem.” Adding that he’s looking forward to hearing brides’, grooms’, and SYTTD viewers’ reactions Bush said, “I love what the song says and how it celebrates being ready for love.”

Plus, even the big stars still reach for the moon and Bush told The Knot that when his song was chosen, “I freaked out! I just kept smiling, and it felt like I might never wipe it off my face,” sharing, “My dream is to make music and write songs that are the soundtrack to people’s lives, and this is the most literal possible version of that dream coming true.”

As for the inspiration behind the “Forever Now” music video Bush told The Knot, “My creative process is very organic, and most of it takes place in my studio in Atlanta – it’s where we created Sugarland. I thought it was a perfect match for the emotion of the song to let cameras into where we were creating,” adding, “And of course the footage of the different weddings from the show is the actual embodiment of all that emotion. It makes for a really cool combination.”

Though Bush had never been dress shopping before, we think he’s captured every emotion that brides experience on that special day with his song “Forever Now.” Bush told The Knot that when he walked into Kleinfeld’s and the Say Yes to the Dress experience for the first time, “I was truly amazed at how many choices there were, how overwhelming it can be to search for a dress, and how immediate and powerful it is when the right dress matches the right brid.”

“I didn’t know how much went into it. I understand now, and I respect the hell out of it,” he said. Yup, he gets it!

Be sure to watch the season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress and listen to Sugarland’s Kristian Bush debut his new SYTTD theme song “Forever Now” Friday, March 4 at 9/8c on TLC!

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