‘Teen Mom OG’ Wedding: Catelynn and Tyler Marry in Tearful Ceremony

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn LowellTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell got married on August 22, 2014 in Michigan. Credit: Kevin Mazur/

It was the perfect day for a Teen Mom OG wedding!

Longtime sweethearts Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra’s wedding aired on the January 25 Teen Mom OG episode, and the ceremony was filled with surprises, tears, and a fair share of drama!

Not long before the nuptials, Tyler’s father, Butch, was released from prison. Although he was asked to be part of the wedding, Carly’s adoptive parents did not want Carly to be introduced to her biological grandfather. In an awkward moment at the rehearsal dinner, Butch stands up and gives his son a public blessing, stating “there are no words” to express how much he loves him. Although Tyler is surprised, he thanks his dad for his speech.

Catelynn decides to spend the night before the wedding in a hotel in an effort to do the “traditional thing.” The soon-to-be newlyweds have a heart-to-heart chat before they go their separate ways. Catelynn jokes that she’ll find Tyler if he attempts to run away. But the love between them is obvious as they joke around and hug.

On the morning of the wedding, Carly’s adoptive mother, Teresa, visits Catelynn in her bridal suite. She tells the bride-to-be that she’s proud of her, stating, “This is where you’re supposed to be.”

Prior to the wedding, Tyler’s father admits that he was sure he’d miss his son’s wedding day due to being incarcerated. “I was feeling like a really, really bad father,” he confesses in a tearful father-son moment. Tyler tells his dad he is proud of him.

Teen Mom's Catelynn and Tyler's daughter Nova as flower girl

Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter Nova is the flower girl. Credit: MTV

Viewers are moved to tears when Catelynn’s little brother, Nick, begins to cry. When his sister asks what’s wrong, he tells her “you look pretty.”

More tears fall as Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter, Nova, rolls down the aisle in a decked-out wagon with her flower girl basket and a huge smile for her daddy. Then the bride-to-be’s parents walk her down the aisle of rose petals to her tearful husband-to-be. She looks stunning in a lace dress with her long hair swept to the side.

Teen Mom's Catelynn walking down aisle with her mom and dad

Catelynn’s mom, April, and dad, David, walked her down the aisle. Credit: MTV

After the couple exchange “I do’s,” Tyler is asked to recite his vows. The moment is sweet and emotional, resulting in even more tears.

“From middle school sweethearts at the tender age of 13,” he begins, “to two teens in a crisis facing the odds together. To becoming parents and building a household together. To playfully goofing around together like children, as if no one is watching. All of these things and many more are the reason I wanna make a promise to you…”

“I promise that as long as I’m alive, you will never be alone. You will never question if you are beautiful. You will never doubt that you are worthy, and you will never wonder if you are loved.”

“You are my angel,” Tyler continues, “my soulmate, my best [friend]. I believe you were brought into this world and destined to be loved by me, cherished by me. I anxiously await to love you forever as my wife.”

Catelynn and Tyler wedding

Catelynn and Tyler read each other vows during their marriage ceremony on Teen Mom. Credit: MTV

After plenty of shared tears, Catelynn laughs and says “I can’t top his!” before reading her vows to Tyler. “From the moment I first laid eyes on you,” she begins, “I always prayed that one day you would be my husband, and as I stand in front of you now, I am just so blessed that dream came true.”

“We have created two beautiful children,” she continues, “and shared so many important life goals with one another. From this day forward, I promise to care for you through the good and bad times, be loyal to you always, and share happiness and laughter. But most of all, I promise to give you my love and support and to cherish and respect you throughout our life together.”

When the couple exchange rings, Tyler drops Catelynn’s band and laughs. “Take two” he jokes as he slips it on her finger. The newlyweds kiss, and Tyler tells his wife she looks beautiful. They are both glowing as they walk down the aisle together. He loves calling her Mrs. Baltierra, telling her, “You look like a goddess.”

Catelynn and Tyler wedding kiss

Catelynn and Tyler shared a passionate kiss during their wedding ceremony on Teen Mom. Credit: MTV

Despite Carly’s adoptive parents’ wish for Butch not to approach their daughter, in a tense moment he says hello to her, but no harm is done as he walks away from the little girl.

The newlyweds dance into the reception where everyone is wearing masks. Catelynn thanks everyone for coming and encourages them to have a good time.

In a tissue-worthy surprise dance, Catelynn, Tyler, and Teresa dance with Carly and little Nova. There is not a dry eye in the room when Tyler says, “This is the best day ever in my life.”

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra walk down aisle after wedding

Newlyweds Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were ready to party after their wedding ceremony. Credit: MTV

Fellow Teen Moms, Maci, Amber, and, Kailyn attend the wedding and reception, and Catelynn takes them to her bridal suite for a few minutes of girl talk. The new bride acknowledges that her wedding day exceeded her expectations.

Later, after releasing wish lanterns into the sky, Tyler carries his new bride over the threshold. What an amazing Teen Mom love story! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Baltierra! Cheers to a very happy life together!

Catch Teen Mom OG, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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