FYI’s ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ Episode 2 Recap: We’re Married. What Now?

Halie and George teenage newlywedsHalie and George of FYI's Teenage Newlyweds. (Photo by A. Smith & Co. Productions)

It’s hard being an adult. The entire cast of Teenage Newlyweds has said, “I do,” but the question remains: Are they ready for marriage? On the Tuesday, June 7, episode of FYI’s new reality series, the adjustment is a real struggle for the teens.

But before they settle into their new lives together, the newlyweds are enjoying the honeymoon phase. One couple’s parents send them to Mexico for their getaway, while another is paying for their Canadian vacation with the money from their wedding. Here, The Knot recaps the highlights including some cringe-worthy moments.

Joey and Emma

These lovebirds are off to Victoria, Canada to celebrate their union. They use the gift money they received at their wedding to pay for the honeymoon. Highlights of the trip include seeing The Avengers in IMAX and having “lots of sex.” But soon they’re back in Oregon, and Emma is feeling restless.

“Now what?” the new bride asks her husband when they return to the home they rent. She wants to know what their next step is, and if Joey is willing to work two jobs so they can buy a house.

Joey is indifferent about owning a home. “I really don’t like moving,” he tells Teenage Newlyweds viewers. Emma wishes he would “apply himself” by going back to school, but Joey enjoys his job at a local feed store.

The newlyweds are frustrated they rarely see each other. Joey works day shift, and by the time he gets home, Emma is at work for the evening.

George and Halie

This young couple is giggly and nervous as they check-in to a hotel on their wedding night. George surprises Halie with the honeymoon suite, but they’re both beyond nervous to consummate their vows.

The next morning, the couple laugh as they share that they “figured it out.” Halie happily describes them as “sexually compatible.”

The lovebirds return to Halie’s family home to pack her things for the move. She’ll be moving from Arizona to Utah – close to her new husband’s family.

Halie’s sisters are encouraging, but her mother is struggling with the change. “All I’ve done [for] 25 years is have kids and raise them,” she tells Teenage Newlyweds viewers. “Now what? That’s what I’ve loved the most… being a mom.”

Just two months ago Halie was in high school. Now she’s leaving everything she’s ever known.

Travis and Brenda

In his 20 years, Travis has abstained from ever having sex. Brenda lost her virginity at age 15, so she was relieved when Travis still wanted to be with her. She was concerned she’d be “inadequate.”

Now that they’re married, the couple can’t wait to finally have sex together. “I’m sure it’s gonna fit,” a giggly Brenda tells viewers in an awkward moment. Travis later assures Teenage Newlyweds viewers that sex with his wife was “natural.”

After their first night together, Travis and Brenda read the tips from their wedding advice jar. One knowing adult suggested they “put [their] phones away when you are at the dinner table.” Another tip read, “Sleep naked always,” which Travis liked the sound of.

When they open their wedding cards, the newlyweds are thankful their friends and family showered them with love (and lots of money). Travis’ parents gave them $2500 for the couple to honeymoon in Mexico.

They have a nice trip, but when they return to California, the newlyweds live separately for financial reasons. In three weeks, they’ll move into an apartment together near the college they both attend. Travis is lonely waiting to be with his wife.

Sneak Peek

On the next episode of Teenage Newlyweds, Joey caves and agrees to buy a new home. Travis and Brenda dig into their very different political views. Halie misses her family in Arizona, but George wants her to lean on him. Will these couples make it through the struggles that come along with being newly married?

Tune in to Teenage Newlyweds, airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FYI.

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