FYI’s ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ Premiere: ‘Why Would We Wait?’

Halie and George teenage newlywedsHalie and George of FYI's Teenage Newlyweds. (Photo by A. Smith & Co. Productions)

Age is just a number? FYI’s Teenage Newlyweds premiered on Tuesday, May 31, and viewers were introduced to three young couples determined to wed. The Knot get to know each pair as the dynamic duos prepare for their weddings — and newlywed life.

George and Halie

This Mormon couple met while 21-year old George was doing missionary work at Halie’s church in Arizona. Although “missionaries don’t date,” according to George, he caught Halie’s eye. Halie, 18, and her family spent the following Christmas in Utah, where George lives. She invited him to dinner and within two weeks, Halie knew she wanted George to be her husband. They believe God played a hand in their chance meeting, and they see no point in delaying the wedding. “We both wanted it… why would we wait?” Halie asks Teenage Newlyweds viewers.

Due to the distance and the brief time they’ve known each other, George and Halie don’t know each other well. They tell viewers they “have eternity” to get to know one another, but the fact that they’re both virgins makes them nervous. George describes sex as a “big mystery.” Intimacy is considered “sacred” in their church.

On their wedding day, Halie’s parents drive her to the temple; her mother is emotional. When Halie steps out of the car, George greets her with a smile and simply says, “You’re beautiful.”

George’s brother Adam is banned from the temple, as he left the Mormon faith years ago. He explains that “the structure of the LDS” is not for him – he enjoys drinking and premarital sex. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds plan a ring ceremony so Adam can attend, but he doesn’t show up for the celebration.

The Teenage Newlyweds may soon get a dose of reality – Halie will be moving to Utah with her new husband.

Joey and Emma

These young lovebirds are from Dallas, Oregon, which Joey dubs a “redneck town.” They met in high school — both are virgins — and they don’t want to wait to get married.

Joey, 21, has always wanted to be a husband and father since he’s “never really had career aspirations.” However, his 19-year old fiancee, Emma, believes he’s smart and he should “be more ambitious.” She dreams of owning a bakery one day after she graduates from college.

Although Joey and Emma are close with their families, their parents believe the couple is in for a “wake-up call.” They refused premarital counseling sure that they’ll be able to work through their problems.

On their wedding day, Joey and Emma are emotional when they see each other before the ceremony. But the moment is ruined when Joey realizes Emma forgot the marriage license. He goes into “groomzilla mode,” making phone calls and at one point yelling “shut up” at the wedding party. But the license is found, and the couple is ready to wed.

Joey and Emma’s vows are thoughtful and their ceremony short and sweet. After saying, “I do,” Joey dips his new wife, kissing her on the lips. He picks her up and carries her down the aisle and into their new life together.

Travis and Brenda

This young couple met at their college in Irvine, California. Travis’s roommate introduced them, and although they once tried breaking up, they can’t stay away from each other.

Travis, 20, is conservative while Brenda, 19, is much more liberal. The difference in their values causes heated arguments over topics like gay marriage and abortion. Travis is concerned that the couple’s differences will eventually cause “a big issue,” but he has “more faith in their love and commitment for each other.”

On the couple’s wedding day, Brenda is emotional as she is missing her father who died when she was young. Her mother, who Brenda calls her role model, escorts her down the aisle.

The couple recites sweet, hand-written vows.

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