‘Bachelorette’ Recap: JoJo Fletcher Breaks Down at Rose Ceremony Following Hometown Dates

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and LukeBachelorette JoJo Fletcher visits Luke Pell in Texas. (ABC/Felicia Graham)

After weeks of surreal experiences and multiple on-screen romances, JoJo Fletcher joined her final four suitors in their hometowns on the latest Bachelorette episode.

The season 12 lead is digging deep as she considers a future with Jordan Rodgers, Robby Hayes, Luke Pell, and Chase McNary. To help Bachelorette fans determine who may receive the final rose (and possibly get down on one knee!), The Knot is recapping all four hometown dates from the July 18 episode.


JoJo’s first stop is Highlands Ranch, Colorado, to meet Chase’s family. Chase is concerned, because his parents divorced when he was eight years old. JoJo’s parents have been married for many years, and he’s worried about how she may feel about his family dynamic.

First, JoJo meets Chase’s dad, who offers them advice based on his previous experience. Then, they join the rest of Chase’s warm, welcoming family – including his mother.

During a heart-to-heart talk with his sister, Chase admits that he has difficulty expressing his emotions. Love is more than just a word in their family, as Chase and his sister have been hurt in the past.

Chase talks one-on-one with his mom about JoJo, and both of them begin to cry. He is clearly smitten with the Bachloerette, which he finally works up the nerve to tell her.

“I’m falling in love with you, JoJo,” Chase tells her as they’re saying their goodbyes.


Next up is a stop in Chico, California, to meet with Jordan’s family. Although JoJo is nervous, she feels comfortable immediately upon meeting the former football pro’s family.

When she has a chat with Jordan’s brother, Luke, he’s surprised by how much Jordan has shared with her. JoJo tells Luke that she’s crazy about his brother – and there is no doubt that she means it.

During her one-on-one time with Jordan’s dad, JoJo tells him how much she respects his son. “He is nobody’s brother,” she then says in the confessional. “He is a man that I am falling in love with.”

Jordan’s mom can tell he’s happy. She’s excited at the thought of him getting engaged to JoJo.

After meeting with his family, Jordan and JoJo share a few moments alone before saying goodbye. Jordan tells her he’s in love with her – and although she wants to say it back to him, she stops herself, because she remembers how much it hurt to hear it and then have her heart broken.


After having an amazing time with the season 12 front-runner, JoJo jets off to St. Augustine, Florida. She joins Robby on a carriage ride through the streets of his hometown and opens up about her concerns regarding his past relationship.

Although Robby broke it off with his girlfriend of four years only three months ago, he reassures JoJo that he only has eyes for her and that he has no interest in his ex.

They then travel to Jacksonville where JoJo meets Robby’s family, including his mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. His brothers are impressed that JoJo can hold her own right away, but they encourage Robby to protect himself. After all, he’s not the only man JoJo is dating.

Later, Robby’s mom breaks the news to her son that his ex-girlfriend’s roommate is spreading rumors that he broke up with his ex to pursue the Bachelorette. Robby is devastated, but he tells JoJo right away, hoping to diffuse the situation.

JoJo is concerned, but before leaving Florida, she makes a conscious decision to trust Robby.


For her last hometown date, JoJo joins Luke in her home state of Texas. They travel by truck down a dirt road in Burnet, Texas, and Luke has surprises in store.

JoJo is taken aback when she meets not only Luke’s family, but 50 of his closest friends. They all enjoy a picnic as they get to know the Bachelorette. Luke loves that she fits in with his family.

After a successful day with family and friends, Luke takes JoJo on a romantic horseback ride. They sit on cozy haystacks decorated with pillows and blankets. After talking for awhile, JoJo tears up – admitting that she wishes she had more time with him.

For one last surprise, Luke leads JoJo down a candlelit path to a heart made of flower petals. He tells her his heart is hers, but he stops short of telling JoJo he loves her.

One Dramatic Rose Ceremony

JoJo meets her final four suitors at an airport hangar for an emotionally-charged rose ceremony. She shares with Bachelorette viewers that she needs to send Luke home, appearing confident in her decision.

But as she picks up the first rose, Luke asks JoJo if he can steal her away for a moment. He tells her he regrets not telling her he’s in love with her, leaving JoJo utterly confused.

The episode ends on a cliff-hanger. JoJo is unable to make a decision.

Sneak Peek

On next week’s two-night Bachelorette special, JoJo makes her choice, leaving only three men remaining. On Tuesday, the highly anticipated Men Tell All episode airs. Tune in Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

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