Third-Wheeling Best Man Returns for Couple’s Maternity Shoot in New Viral Photos

third-wheeling best man returns(Credit: Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography)

He’ll never let go. Less than a year ago, a best man named Mitch Jolliff went viral after hilariously photobombing his best friend’s engagement and wedding photos by posing as the classic relationship third wheel.

Now, Mitch is back and better than ever after his friends, Kody and Brittney Frysinger, creatively decided to once again involve their beloved friend in their latest shoot–a maternity session.

“After the engagement and wedding photos got so much attention and so many laughs, we thought it would be fun to do an ‘update’ when the next journey started,” photographer Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography tells The Knot in an exclusive interview. “Then, Brittney and Kody got pregnant, so we thought this would be the perfect timing. We had to add in the baby boots just to [get] that next dynamic to the group.”

The couple, who will welcome their second child together in April, is now seasoned at posing for these sessions. “The best thing about this group is they absolutely allow me to be creative with these photos,” she explains. “Once I explain what I am thinking, they just nail my vision… Clearly, Kody and Brittney have the kiss thing down.”

Meanwhile, the couple’s third-wheeling pal, Mitch, has mastered his respective role. “Once I explained what I was going for, Mitch nailed the facial expression—perfectly,” says the photographer. “Even better than I had hoped.”

The original photos from last summer had over 150,000 shares on Facebook, while the latest post has close to 2,000 shares and counting. Feedback, once again, has been overwhelmingly positive.

“They’re so easy to work with, and they just give me the opportunity to be fun and creative through their storytelling,” says Berger. “Most fans are loving the ‘update.'”

In 2018, the photographer is booked to capture 29 weddings. “Since all of this has happened, I’ve had a lot more people requesting themed photos,” she concludes. “…[And] a lot of requests to do humorous photos.”

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