Top 6 Funniest Moments From The ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2’ Trailer

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 castThe trailer for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 features big laughs from the lovable original cast. Credit: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Trailer/Facebook

It’s finally here! After more than 13 years of waiting, fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding are getting their first glimpse at My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 with its official trailer debut.

Starring our favorite interfaith family members from the first film, Toula Portokalos (Nia Vardalos) and her non-Greek husband Ian Miller (John Corbett) are trying to raise their soon-to-be college-aged daughter Paris, (newcomer Elena Kampouris of American Odyssey). While Paris tries to distance herself from her overbearing family, much like her mother in the first film, in true MBFGW fashion everything turns upside down when we learn that another Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the works!

But who is getting married in huge, neon, extremely Greek wedding? Toula’s parents! Toula’s mother Maria (Lainie Kazan) and father Gus (Michael Constantine) are back and stealing the show when they learn that their priest never signed their marriage license!

With performances by veteran MBFGW comedian Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin), and a slew of new and returning family members like John Stamos, Rita Wilson, Louis Mandylor and Joey Fatone, the one-liners flow freely in the first trailer for the sequel.

We’ve gathered up our top 6 funniest moments from the My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 trailer to show fans that the second film brings up the same hilarious family antics, slapstick comedy and of course, wedding planning as the first film, but with a new twist!

Aunt Voula giving advice to Toula

Aunt Voula tells Toula to “shave everything” before a date night with her husband.

Oh Aunt Voula. Of course we would get one of our biggest, and most uncomfortable laughs from you right out of the gate. Aunt Voula suggests that Toula wear silky lingerie for a date with her husband Ian, going into explicit detail on how the material feels on the body. Right before the date night conversation concludes, the over-sharing Aunt offers one more piece of advice, “Shave everything,” as she uses her hand to trace Toula’s silhouette in the air!

Gus Portokalos catches Toula and Ian making out in their car

Gus Portokalos catches his daughter Toula and son-in-law Ian making out in their car.

Once again showing how excessively involved this Greek family is in all their family members affairs, Gus catches Toula and her husband Ian making out in their car on one of their few-and-far-between date nights. Getting caught by your parents while making out in a car, while you yourself are parents? What a family!

Toula gets hit in the face with a volleyball

Toula’s gets hit in the face with a volleyball and embarrasses her daughter, Paris.

Just trying to show her support for her daughter Paris, Toula stands on the sidelines during the high school volleyball game. In bringing back the old, clumsy Toula we fell in love with in the first movie, a ball comes flying off the court and directly into her face, knocking her to the ground immediately! Poor Toula? Or poor Paris for the embarrassment?

Maria is happy to find out she's not legally married

Maria’s finds out she’s not legally married to Gus and happily exclaims, “I’m a hippie!”

When Toula’s mom Maria learns that the priest never signed her and Gus’ marriage license, she exclaims to the family with a little dance, “I’m a hippie!” The pressure she, and the rest of the Big Fat Greek family placed on Toula to marry, and the irony that she herself isn’t legally married shines brighter than the giant Greek flag on Portokalos’ garage door in this scene!

Maria and Voula posing for a photo

Maria and Voula try to “pull their necks” for a photo in front of a pink limousine.

While checking out a bubblegum pink stretch SUV, Maria and Aunt Voula impose a woman, who appears to be a wedding coordinator, with taking their photo. Right before the photo is taken Aunt Voula says, “Okay pull my neck,” and the two grab at the back of each other’s necks to give themselves a more “youthful” look!

Aunt Voula drinking champagne at the hair salon

Aunt Voula advises, “If your knees are open, shut your eyes.”

While getting their hair and makeup done for the wedding, Toula’s mother provides some (always) unsolicited advice to her granddaughter Paris by telling her to “protect her poulaki” and “keep your knees closed and your eyes open.” Aunt Voula the ever-inappropriate seamlessly follows up with, “If your knees are open, close your eyes!”

Once again written by Vardalos, who was nominated for an Oscar for the first screenplay, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is set to hit theaters on March 25, 2016.

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