Eclipse Weddings Are Happening For These Science-Adoring Couples

solar eclipse weddingsDozens of science-adoring couples have planned their weddings during the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. (

Over the moon in love. In preparation of the highly-anticipated total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, astro-loving couples across America are putting the finishing touches on their weddings set to take place during the rare two and a half minute event.

A series of weddings in the path of totality will begin in Oregon at 10 a.m. The eclipse will then make its way across the nation, ending at approximately 2:50 p.m. in South Carolina. One nontraditional ceremony in Belton, South Carolina, will include six couples, five of whom are marrying for the first time. For $300 each, the couples will receive special eclipse glasses, along with a photographer to capture every star-studded moment. Bell Jar Barn will serve Moon Pies during the reception.

David and Susan Summer, a newlywed couple who exchanged vows just 18 months ago, will renew their commitment during the group wedding—and for good reason. “We were in a hurry to get married,” David, 61, told The Charlotte Observer of the grocery store deli nuptials, for which he and his wife paid only $50. “Ingles deli was the only place the notary would do it.”

Sadly, the lovebirds weren’t able to go on a honeymoon. “We came straight home and I carried her up the stairs,” David recalled. On Monday, he plans to make up for the “rush job” wedding. “I’ll see my beautiful bride in her dress. Then comes another sight: The world going dark in the middle of the day,” he told the paper. Susan, 52, added: “When the sky goes all black, there’s a silver band around the sun. It looks like a wedding band to me.”

Coordinator Connie Turner can’t imagine anything more romantic. “I hear a solar eclipse is beyond tranquil,” she said. “Everything goes silent as you stand there, in the dark, watching. What a moment to be with the person you love, exchanging vows. They will kiss, put on their special glasses, turn and watch the eclipse.”

Several states over in Missouri, space-loving bride Samantha Adams and her groom Cameron Kuhn have infused the galaxy theme into every detail of their wedding, including the decor and their attire. Samantha, 28, will don outer space-themed heels for the nuptials and sneakers for the reception. “My hair will be dyed blue and fuchsia and a little bit of turquoise,” she said in a separate interview with ABC News. “I have a star metal hair piece that will wrap around the top of my head.”

The bride is grateful for the opportunity to combine her love of space with her wedding. “In that moment, I’m going to be crying for happiness and for thankfulness and just being appreciative,” she predicted. “I’ll allow myself to take in that moment and feel that joy.”

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